Ever since he could pick up an instrument, BRIAN GLENNON has had a burning passion for songwriting. Originally born in New Jersey, he and his family moved to Leesburg when he was 11-years-old, and it has been his home ever since. Glennon combines elements of infectious pop hooks, with heartfelt lyrics of love, loss, and heartbreak. In 2011, Glennon recorded his debut EP Figure It Out, but since then, he has only released one new single. During the last couple years, he has played shows and open mic nights around Virginia, as well as in New York and Nashville. I was curious as to what he has planned next, so I took the time to speak with him about what his next move might be.

First off, please tell me how you got started making music?

I have always been actively going to shows and writing songs as long as I can remember. I started playing violin in Kindergarten, and in middle school, I switched to guitar. I was self-taught, and my sound developed over time. I started writing serious songs when I was 13.

How has your songwriting process developed over time?

In terms of my complete body of work, my songs were more basic when I started. I used mostly power chords at the time (laughs), but it has always been changing based upon the bands that I was listening to. The songs developed from those roots, and then they matured into their own form.

In 2011, you released your debut EP Figure It Out. Is there any song in particular that was your personal favorite?

It might be too difficult to pick just one, but “Old Friend” was originally not even supposed to be on the EP. I wrote it in the studio about one of my good friends that passed away, and it just rolled out of my mouth so organically. It came out perfectly. Also, I really love the melody from the intro to the chorus on “Last Time”. Each song has their own story.

Most of your songs on Figure It Out are about love, loss, and heartbreak. Will that continue to be the trend for your next album?

The songs will definitely be broader, but the songs that I write are more metaphors for life rather than sticking to that theme, and they are not about my personal experiences. “She Is” isn’t about a girl I know, and “Last Time” isn’t about the last time that I did something. They are more about the emotions and the things that can be learned from those experiences.

What is the meaning behind your single “All of My Heart”?

That song I wrote in the studio as a spur of the moment idea. One of my goals as a songwriter was to do a song start to finish in one day. That song is basically about realizing that you have no control over something but still putting your all into it. It can be applied to relationships or anything really.

Since you released Figure It Out, I know that you moved to Nashville for a bit, but you decided to move back home to Leesburg. Can you tell me the story behind that?

I went to Nashville for another opportunity. One of my buddies was opening a restaurant down there, and I took a few months to move there with him to help him out. It also gave me the opportunity to meet some other artists, but I didn’t move their intentionally to become a country star (laughs). It was just an added perk of being in Nashville that became the backbone of my time spent there.

Do you have any new material you plan to release in 2014?

Lately, I have been jamming a lot with Keven [Loiselle] (drummer of COWABUNGA!), and I want to record a full-band record with him on the drums and me playing all the other instruments to be released under a band name. I just think it’s a smarter idea to rebrand and market myself that way rather than as a solo artist. Currently, we are picking songs to base our sound around, and we are really trying to record this weekend. When we release it, we want to do a music video and a studio video along with it. Right now we are just focusing on the music and how we want to promote ourselves.

Do you have any local shows or tours coming up in the near future?

Not really. I occasionally do open mic nights at Iota [Club and Cafe] to try new material and gauge how audiences react to it, but I am planning to do a full-band show at Jammin Java or somewhere else in the area after the new music is finished and we build some popularity in the local scene.

Are there any local musicians or bands from Virginia that more people need to listen to?

TAYLOR BERRETT is from Nova, and he is on the same label as RIHANNA. He’s younger than me, and he has an excellent voice. NATIVE RUN is also a great band. I went to high school with them, and they are in Nashville now. They play pop-country, and they are definitely worth checking out.

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