LOSS OF REASON is one of, if not the most tenured band in Virginia metalcore. Since 2002, they have toured the east coast relentlessly. Though their members also work full-time jobs, they still bring the party to the stage in their own unique ways, from dressing up in outlandish costumes to covering songs such as SCORPION’s “Rock You Like A Hurricane”. Despite their onstage antics, LOSS OF REASON is very serious about what they do, and recently, they secured their spot as a finalist in the FM99 Battle of the Bands for an opening slot at this summer’s Lunatic Luau in Virginia Beach. They also recently released their much anticipated EP Voyages, which showcases their heavier, more aggressive direction the band has taken. We spoke with vocalist Ian Tobey about the band’s longevity in the music scene, what fans can expect from their new album compared to their older tunes, and how he plans to adjust his life with the band with a child on the way.

What do you think has attributed most to your longevity and ability to stay together for over a decade?

I would have to say it is our ability to change and adapt with the times, as well as using every hurdle and obstacle that gets in our way as a stepping stone to launch us in a new direction.

You guys have put out music on your own, and then recently worked with Dark Harvest Records. How did that alignment help LOSS OF REASON develop, both musically and with spreading your music to a broader audience? Where do you stand with them now?

We have just completed our contractual obligations with Dark Harvest, and that is all I can say at this time.

You’ve seen plenty of bands come and go, venues rise and fall, booking agents do well, and others that may not have known exactly about how to go about their job. What Virginia band has been your favorite over the years, one that you feel didn’t get the credit they deserved?

For my own personal opinion, it would have to be RECKONER and ISOLATIONIST currently. They are really good friends of ours; tight, chaotic, angry, and deserve to be much bigger than they currently are. As for past bands, the Hampton Roads area has had a slew of bigger acts sprout up and develop, and I would have loved to see THE END OF THE UNIVERSE or THE TAKEOVER (TO THE GRAVE) become a huge band.

I remember WITNESS THE WILDFIRE being a big fan of playing Gil’s Bar and Grill, while some other bands really enjoyed the history that playing the Norva brought, the location of Peppermint Beach Club, or the change of scenery that came with playing Alley Katz. What is LOSS OF REASON’s favorite venue to play and why?

I always liked smaller venues like Gil’s and Sweet Caroline’s; however, Michael Bob’s was “the place” for a lot of what became the mid to late 2000’s metalcore/hardcore/metal scene. I met some of the best friends there and played with some of my favorite bands. As for bigger venues like the Norva, they are a blast to play, but there is too much business that goes into playing there; you can never seem to relax!

LOSS OF REASON just released a new record called Voyages. What can listeners get from the album that they may not have gotten from you guys in the past?

The album is fast, angry, heavy, and catchier than things we have written in the past, but it is still very much a LOSS OF REASON record! The energy is there, and the emotion is there. Every band says, “This is our best record yet!”, and we all truly feel this way!

The word on the street is you’re going to be a father soon, as well as working as a full-time school teacher. I’ll have to admit, this isn’t the norm for a metalcore vocalist. How do you balance your work life with your dedication to LOSS OF REASON? How do you see that adjusting with the new member of your family on the way?

Being a teacher is actually an awesome job for a singer in a band, free promotion! But the schedule of being a teacher works pretty well with the band life. Summers and weekends off for road/recording duties, no real “over time”, it’s the best job ever. As for being a daddy, it is going to be a challenge, but as a band, we are smart enough to know not to put ourselves in financial danger because something big comes up. We have turned down bigger labels in the past due to ridiculous tour schedules with zero support, and though we are currently looking for a new label, we will not be quitting our jobs to hit the road for $100 a night.

What do you see as the future for LOSS OF REASON in the next six months, the next year, or the next two years?

It is hard to say. We have just finished Voyages and our obligations to Dark Harvest. We just took the best photo shoot in our lives, and are currently shopping to bigger labels. Maybe in two years SLIPKNOT and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH will be opening for us.

Having been in a band myself previously, I often find myself wondering, “What if we stuck with it?” Looking back on the career you’ve had with this band, is there anything you wish you or the band had done differently along the way? Dedicated more time to touring, opting to go in a different musical direction, playing more/less shows, etc.?

I wouldn’t change a thing this band has done. When I was getting into heavier music in high school, I never imagined that I would play with and tour with some of these bands. I have seen the country, met some of the greatest friends in my life, sold CDs in Japan… I have been living the dream!

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Taylor Osborne

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