Hailing from Virginia’s capital city, THE CONCUSSION THEORY represents a musical and spiritual change of pace. Taking their name from the Plutarchian concept of atmospheric disruption, the trio has crafted a sonic palette predicated on melody and emotion. First conceived in 2010, guitarist/vocalist Nate Teikari and drummer Ian Ferguson had a revolving door of bassists and vocalists before the addition of Burke Solo in early 2013.

Drawing influence from groups such as ENVY ON THE COAST, BRAND NEW, CONDITIONS, and CIRCA SURVIVE, the group released their debut EP Stuck at Sea in August 2013. The band utilizes every opportunity to keep listeners on their feet with their dynamic songwriting. From explosive and fast to soft and subtle, each song connects with another aspect of the human experience establishing a true bond between the music and the listener.

In support of the 2013 release, the band has been traveling the east coast and making friends wherever they go. They have developed a hard-hitting live show and are currently writing new material that reflects it.

Their debut full length, simply titled The Concussion Theory, is scheduled to be released on May 22nd, 2014. It will be available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play. A deluxe edition with exclusive songs will be made available for purchase on the same day for the same price through Bandcamp. Physical copies will be sold online and at shows as well!

The album art was created by Mike O’Sullivan, who has also done artwork for Marvel Comics.

The track listing for the record will be as follows:

  1. Hymnal
  2. Anchor
  3. Silver Linings
  4. The Otter & The Fox
  5. Loose Lips
  6. Chemical
  7. Oh Brother
  8. You Be Quiet, Joyce
  9. Pretty Bird
  10. Beacons

In addition, the band plans to throw a record release house show at an undisclosed location in Richmond. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more details.

Joe Fitzpatrick

Joe Fitzpatrick

As editor-in-chief, Joe is very passionate about promoting music and culture in Virginia and DC. A resident of Falls Church, Joe enjoys going to shows, checking out local breweries, and trying new foods with friends.

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