For those interested in new music with an old twist, look no further than CABIN CREEK. The band, which consists of David Hall (Lead Vocals/Banjo/Guitar), Blayne Laures (Drums/Percussion), Travis Ferrell (Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica), and Eric Dzik (Upright Bass), is a group of friends with the intention of writing pure, simple music. Their music is alternative with a distinguishing folk and country twang; sort of like a blend of MUMFORD AND SONS and JIMMY EAT WORLD. The band draws influences from a range of musicians including new age acts, such as JOHN MAYER and OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW, as well as string bands from the early 1900’s.

The latter influence is something that is unheard of in the current wave of music and is what makes their sound so unique. String music is classified as an old-time ensemble consisting of mostly string instruments, which the band exhibit through a range of instruments from the banjo to the upright bass. We spoke with Hall and Ferrell to learn more about the band’s unique string-based sound, the musicians that inspire them, and what they have planned as a follow-up to their self-titled debut record.

How did the band come together?

Travis: The band came together when David and I moved to Fredericksburg. Our previous band broke up, and we hadn’t done anything for a long time and we wanted to start a string band. Both of our families grew up on that. We started writing music, and we ended up calling our old drummer, Blayne. We also needed a bass player, one who didn’t play electric bass; we wanted a double bass. Eric came down to Fredericksburg after we hadn’t seen him for like seven months. We ended up showing him what we were working on and he loved it. He agreed to buy a double bass and the rest is history. CABIN CREEK is our previous band reborn with a new sound.

What inspired your band name?

David: We were sitting here at our house one day, and we were thinking of what we should call the band. We wanted a name that represents the band but also [a name that has] a nice ring to it and everything. We decided to do some research, and I studied coal mines. In West Virginia, which is where one side of my family is from, there was a mine where my grandfather died, and [I was] looking at the history to see if I could get a good band name. There was a cabin creek mine nearby, and we thought it sounded perfect. It worked, so we decided on that as our name.

You guys recently posted a video of a stripped-down version of “Belong”. What is the meaning behind the song?

David: Obviously, it’s talking about belonging. But it’s also about where you belong and figuring it out on your own, not someone telling you. It also talks about alcoholism and a lot of other topics, but in good ways.

How would you describe the “CABIN CREEK” sound?

Travis: It’s the sound of David’s brain producing a song and then my brain helps his brain finish the structure and production aspect, meanwhile, Eric and Blayne are grooving in the rhythm section. This is all done with guitars and banjos. It’s weird.

In January, you guys released a self-titled LP. What was the general theme or inspiration?

David: It’s about the years from 2012 to 2014, and it was some of the hardest years of our lives. Except our drummer, it was the best time of his life. For the rest of us, it was a really hard time.

Travis: The general inspiration was heart break and finding yourself.

What band or musician inspired you to create music?

Travis: More recently for me it’s probably JOHN MAYER. He’s a big influence, as well as NORAH JONES. On a side note, I can’t stop listening to NAILS or MANDOLIN ORANGE.

David: JOHN MAYER is a massive influence for all of us. In recent years, THE AVETT BROTHERS have influenced me. We also get a lot of writing influence from really old music that you don’t hear too much about, like THE STANLEY BROTHERS, CLARENCE ASHLEY, and DOC WATSON.


Are you guys working on new material?

Travis: That’s pretty much all were doing now; were working on the full-length record. We aren’t playing too many shows at the moment.

David: For the new record, we’re going to Knoxville to record it in July. It’s going to be about 14 songs, and titled Saturday 6.

For more updates on CABIN CREEK, be sure to “like” their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and check out their recent self-titled EP on Bandcamp. Also, be on the lookout for their next album, Saturday 6, which should be released later this year.

Shelby Baker

Shelby Baker

Shelby is pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in writing and studio art from Christoher Newport University. Music and writing, in any form, have always been a strong passion of hers. During her time at CNU, she has written frequently for The Captains Log, CNU's student newspaper.e. The most recent article I wrote for the newspaper was about the Vegetarian Club. Shelby personally enjoys post-hardcore, pop punk, and alternative music.

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