When you combine groovy funk with raw, in-your-face punk, you get LINA’s unique blend of “punkadellic” music, which is guaranteed to make you want to mosh and dance simultaneously. This duo, which includes lead vocalist/guitarist Jesse Taylor and guitarist/drummer/vocalist Hunter Waddell, are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut EP. We were able to chat with Waddell and Taylor about their bands influences and how they got started, what they like to do when music isn’t an option, as well as what can be expected from their debut.

According to your Facebook page, your sound is described as “punkadellic” with lots of influences from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Can you tell me how your band got started and why you chose to mix such a wide range of music?

Jesse: The band started a year ago. We met each other through our friend Ross and tried to start another band, but then Hunter and I branched off to do our own thing. Hunter comes from funkadellic and bands like the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, LED ZEPPELIN, and THE DOORS. I listen to more punk and hardcore music. So we thought it would be cool to combine the two and be funky but with punk.

What were some of the punk bands that inspired that side of your sound?

Hunter: We really liked THE STOOGES, SEX PISTOLS, and early RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. Their first studio album was straight up punk rock.

What is the meaning behind your band name?

Jesse: We used to be called COMMUNIQUE, but another band with the same name threatened us with a lawsuit. We got the meaning of our current name when we used to practice at our friend Mikey’s house. His sister had a baby named Melina, who went by Lina for short, and she would come up to us and dance to our music when we were jammin’, so we named it after her.

You guys seem like you love to explore—from abandoned buildings to climbing mountains and trees. Who is more adventurous between the two of you?

Jesse: We were bored one Friday night, and I found an abandoned insane asylum five hours away in Staunton, VA, and I was like, “Let’s Go!” So I guess I would say me (laughs).

Hunter: I was just hoping to see some ghost activity.

Jesse: It was a huge abandoned building like four or five stories tall, and while we were there, some other kids from JMU showed up. We were worried at first that it was some homeless guy that might stab us.

Have you considered taking on any more members, or do you prefer playing as a duo?

Hunter: At first, we started out as just the two of us, and then we found another member named Justin, who would switch off with me on drums and guitar, but we kicked him about because we didn’t like the musical direction he wanted to take the band. We have been looking for a bassist, and it’s really hard to find a drummer. We have had a few people jam with us, and either they sucked, or they didn’t have their own gear to play with, or they didn’t vibe with us very well.

I really like your song “Nothing More”. Can you tell me what it’s about?

Jesse: I wrote “Nothing More” a long time ago, probably two years ago, when I was dealing with a break up with a girl that was basically the worst person in the world. It’s basically about how I felt like a different person with a weight on my back due to the stress that she caused me, but it’s also about this other side of Jesse that is a better person and who kicks ass (laughs).

Hunter: It was the first song that we made together, and we formed our band around that song.

Are there any songs in particular you are excited for people to hear?

Jesse: I am definitely excited for people to hear “Slave”. It’s by far my favorite song on the record. We will have some mixing and mastering to do but it’s almost done.

Who is mastering your album?

Hunter: We have been doing it all ourselves. I have some pretty good condenser mics and a mixing board, and we run it all through Garage Band.

Jesse: We try to keep it DIY. We tried to record with a producer, but he wanted to make us sound like every other pop band on the radio and we didn’t like it.

Hunter: Plus, doing it on our own has given us more time to make the songs better.


What are your thoughts on the current state of the music scene in Virginia?

Jesse: I think it’s getting really awesome. The Virginia Beach scene is starting to stick together more, and bands are helping each other out. The person making our shirts is Rusty from TRUSTFALL, and the guys from PISSGHETTI are really awesome. Vincent helped us get on one of their shows recently.

Have you set a release date for your debut record?

Hunter: It’s definitely gonna be later this month.

Jesse: June 23rd at midnight.

For more updates on LINA, be sure to “like” their Facebook page and listen to their music on Bandcamp.

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Joe Fitzpatrick

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