Since its founding in 2010, THROUGH IT ALL PHOTOGRAPHY has been capturing unforgettable moments, not as one photographer but as two. Having photographed some of the biggest bands on the local and professional scene, they have built a reputation for being in the right place at the right time. Photographers Billy Collier and Amanda Martin took a little time to discuss how they got started, their evolution as a part of music culture, and their most memorable shows.

What is Through It All Photography? What do you offer?

Amanda: Through It All Photography is a Richmond, Va. based photography company that focuses on not only live concerts but also portraiture.

TIA 3Individually, when did you know that photography was what you wanted to pursue professionally? Once you figured that out, what brought you together?

Amanda: What first sparked my interest was when I would go to shows as a early teenager and wanting to have something to look back on when seeing my favorite bands. So one year for Christmas, I got a point and shoot [camera] and started to pursue it as more of a fun keepsake for myself. As the years went by, I noticed that people wanted to use my images, so I decided to invest in a DSLR [camera]. But what really made me turn this into a potential career was that this was a true passion and not just a hobby. I had to bring my camera to every show, and if I didn’t, it just didn’t feel right. And that right there told me it was time to get serious about my career in photography. We both had quite the eye for it that was fueled by a true love for the art. We shared a DSLR our first year and self-taught each other everything from the ground up.

How is your work shaped by the evolution of music culture?

Amanda: The evolution of the music culture has tremendously shaped our work as the years have gone by. When we first started out, it was a much different scene than it is today. Back in 2010, there was an immense amount of local bands that were active in the scene; everyone we met became to be one big family for us. Everyone also supported one another no matter what, and it was always something to look forward to when going to a show. Nowadays, the local bands are dying out, and the attendance to these shows has diminished.

With two photographers, there will obviously be different ideas on how to TIA 6best represent or bring a concept to life. How do these dynamics play into how you proceed with projects?

Amanda: We definitely have quite the opposite point of view about how to approach and to capture a concept. Each project is different and we have to ultimately try and find a common ground to which we are both satisfied with the work we put out.

You’ve taken shots of popular bands like CHIODOS, SWORN IN, and A DAY TO REMEMBER. Is there a particular concert or event that stands out as one of the most memorable either of you have experienced?

Billy: The one show the stands out the most was probably about a year ago when we traveled up to Springfield, Va. for a show at EMPIRE. It was a sold out show, and the lineup was killer. It was EMMURE, THY ART IS MURDER, VOLUMES, GIDEON and SWORN IN. At this show, we captured a image which is now sported on the back of one of GIDEON’s new T-shirts. We also made a lot of great connections with some of our favorite bands.

TIA 2Who are some of your favorite local bands to photograph?

Billy: Some of our favorites vary from the high energy, bass throwing HONOUR CREST, to the crowd bringing and killing IMMORALIST, and the veterans of the scene SERAPH.

Where do you see this venture in five more years? Can you see business gravitating more towards music or remaining relatively the same?

Billy: We will always have a presence in the music scene, but within the next few years, we hope to progress in the portraiture side of our profession.

Amanda: Aside from the promotional band portraiture, I am going to be venturing more into family and child portraiture.

Is there any band that you would like to work with more than any other?

Billy: Hands down would have to be SWORN IN. I really feel like I capture the essence of what the band is truly like live. Plus, the energy I get while shooting them just pumps me up even more to capture the shots that I do.

Amanda: For me, it would have to STRAY FROM THE PATH. They are a group of wonderful guys with a great message behind all of their music. Also, the way the crowd is so active during their shows; [it] makes capturing crowd shots more appealing.

Do you have any upcoming projects you have been working on or current TIA 4promotions people ought to know about?

Billy: Currently, we have not been working on any projects or have any upcoming promotions; the past few months, we have taken a small step out of the scene and from collaborating on any projects due to unforeseen obstacles preventing us to do so.

How do you select the shows you attend to photograph?

Billy: Most of it is based on if it is a personal preference of bands playing a show or if someone asks us to shoot a show for them. But there is a few rare occurrences where we know that it will be a popular event, and we go to shoot it because of it being something people would want to see and remember.

If a band was looking to have photos done or an individual just wanted some professional portraits taken, what would be the best way to contact you and get that taken care of?

Billy: The easiest and the quickest way to contact us is to go to our photography Facebook page and send us a message. We will reply within the same day, if not immediately, to help you set up an appointment.

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Joe Fitzpatrick

Joe Fitzpatrick

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