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Since their inception in 2014, Richmond-born metal band HERE AFTER has been honing their skills to rival the talents of Richmond’s best. It’s safe to say that after playing with acts like MOTIONLESS IN WHITE and CHIODOS, they are hungry for more and ready to make a name for themselves. The release of their new single, “Home,” has fans excited for their debut EP slated for a summer release. The band took some time to tell us a little about their history, their highly anticipated EP, and the upcoming shows they have scheduled.

Who is HERE AFTER, and how did this band come together?

Our guitar player, Joe Johnson, and our vocalist, Danny Oughton, met when Danny tried out for [Joe’s] old band, AZRIELLE, about a year ago. They decided to take their talents elsewhere because they connected so well. They started looking for other people to join, and after several tryouts and headaches, we found our bassist, Brent Freeman, guitarist James Nicholson, and drummer, Josh Miller. We became HERE AFTER early in the summer, and we established ourselves in October after our first show with MOTIONLESS IN WHITE. We couldn’t be happier with our lineup.

here after 2Your debut EP Trials is slated for an early summer release. What events inspired its creation?

Danny developed the concept of the EP a while ago; he wanted to make something that reflected his own struggles that he had dealt with in the past. He wanted to make something that people could be inspired by and use in their own life.

You just released a single that was met with much excitement from fans. How are you feeling about their reaction? What can fans expect to hear from your debut?

We couldn’t believe the responses that we received from people who heard our single, “Home.” This song was incredibly personal for all of us, and to hear all the positive feedback that we received is insane. We have been playing some of the songs that are going to be on the EP live already, and we’ve received very positive responses. We are hoping to put out the most mature, honest, and sincere music that we can possibly make. We love our fans, and we want to give them only the best that we have to offer.

Coming out of Richmond, one can imagine that you meet some really talented bands. Is there anyone you have enjoyed playing with in particular?

There are some very talented bands [from] Richmond, and we are always glad to share the stage with our friends. While we love everyone we have met so far, we have a few that we have built a strong connection with. GREATER IS HE, BRIDGES WILL BURN, and CAPTIVE EYES are definitely our favorites to play with. We do want to give a shout out to our non-Richmond friends in ATTACKING EUTOPIA and ENCASING EMBRACE. They are all awesome guys, and we really love playing with them.

Speaking of Richmond, you’ll be sharing the stage with A SKYLIT here after 4DRIVE, RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS, and WOLVES AT THE GATE on April 16 at Richmond’s CANAL CLUB. How excited are you for the opportunity to open for established acts like these?

We are absolutely pumped, we’ve played with big acts before like CHIODOS and MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, and to play another huge show at [Canal Club] is an amazing opportunity. These bands have had a huge impact on us as musicians, and we are very humbled to play with them.

Who are your strongest musical influences right now?

The bands that have had the biggest impact on us are THE PLOT IN YOU, FIT FOR A KING, ERRA, SILENT PLANET, and LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES. All though these bands have influenced us greatly, but we don’t want to sound exactly like them. We always want to put something out that sounds like HERE AFTER and give people something new. Each band has had separate impacts on us, and we owe so much to them for inspiring us.

serpent fest

Aside from your show on April 16, is there anything else in the works?

We have Serpent Fest with IMMORTALIST coming up, and of course the A SKYLIT DRIVE [show], but we’re taking some [time] to finish the EP. Right now, certain things are in the works, so be sure to keep an ear out, but information won’t be released until it has been set in stone. Just expect huge things to happen in the very near future. Lastly, we want to thank our fans, friends, and everyone who has put us on a show. We are ever so grateful, and we owe everything to them for helping us get to where we are so far. We love you guys.

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