Pushin’ Mongo by CENTERFOLDS


CENTERFOLDS, one of the premiere bands in the crop of pop punk acts hailing from Richmond, Va., will release their latest EP Pushin’ Mongo on May 7, 2015. Continuing to prove that pop punk is truly not dead, CENTERFOLDS has maintained the sound that any NEW FOUND GLORY nut longs for. They continue that sound on Pushin’ Mongo, which I have been listening to for the past two hours straight.

If you are a fan of A LOSS FOR WORDS (RIP) then you will love track number one, “True Story.” The clean entrance is fed right into quick drums and slick guitars, prepping me for the experience ahead. I nearly grew up on pop punk, so I am always excited to find pop punk done right as CENTERFOLDS displays throughout. Keeping the pace alive, by “Open Book,” you have probably already opened the pit in your front seat. CENTERFOLDS continue to provide the comfortable feel of the genre while maintaining mature tones in their lyrics and transitions.

If you plan to catch a breath anywhere during this album, it will be about 14 minutes in — at the end. Each song has it’s highs and lows, but not a single one will slow you down. Later in the track listing, I found more catchy choruses, along with sad ears after realizing that I had reached the end. However, with solid tunes under their belt and this new EP, CENTERFOLDS is bound to grace our speakers in the future. Thank you for proving that pop punk is not dead.

Matt Walker

When I'm not writing reviews, I am a deck electrician at Newport News Shipbuilding. I live in Portsmouth, Va. with my wife and son. I enjoy all types of music, craft beer, and grilling anytime I can.

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