On April 30, 2015, one of Richmond’s latest bands riding the pop punk party wave dropped their debut single on the scene. Collectively known as BOMBSHELL, their sound on “You Wanted Honesty” is as explosive with energy as their name implies. Individually, they are comprised of vocalist Gregory, guitarists Rory and Hugo, and drummer Jacob. They are on the verge of releasing their debut album, and they will be performing at The National on July 11. We spoke with Gregory and Hugo about how their band fits into the growing pop punk scene in Virginia.

What separates you guys from other bands in the area in the similar genre/style?

Gregory: Our guitarist used to play jazz. I used to sing R&B, and our drummer used to play in metal bands. The versatility of our entire band gives us so much creative freedom, and I love that.

Do you prefer house shows or venue shows?

Gregory: Easily house shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love meeting touring bands at venues, but house shows let’s us connect with mainly local bands and fans. We live for the grassroots approach.

Who writes the lyrics, and where does the inspiration come from?

Gregory: I pull from personal experience whether it be with exes, family members, or current and past friends.

You guys recently recorded an EP. How did that go, and when can the fans expect a release?

Gregory: It went really well in the studio. We worked with our producer Zach Jones of MY ENEMIES & I. He brought really great ideas to the table because of his metalcore background and just being a producin’ genius. It’s crazy to see your ideas come to life and hear them played back. I remember when I was first sittin’ down writin’ some of these songs. They’ve grown and changed so much. I love it. As far as release dates go, we will be announcing all the dates on our social media sites soon!

What does the future hold for BOMBSHELL as far as touring?

Hugo: At this point, since we are relatively new to the scene, we are making friends and connections along the east coast in preparation for starting a tour. We’ve already met a few people in New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta that we hope could help book a few shows or at least let us crash on their couch (laughs). Our next step is getting a few more connections in a few more cities and getting a van.

With many labels coming under fire these days, if you had it your way, would you sign to a label or stay DIY?

Hugo: We are going to stay DIY until we are approached by a label that we feel can push us forward as band.

For more updates on BOMBSHELL, be sure to “like” their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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