Formerly known as the voice of the pop punk duo RANDOM HOLIDAY, vocalist and guitarist Mike Frazier is setting out on his own, but he is not doing it alone. Instead, he has been actively writing songs from the heart based on his most personal stories and life experiences with the support of close friends in an out of bands in Virginia and throughout the U.S.

Frazier’s music is still rooted in the pop punk influences of his former band, as well as the music of his early childhood. We had the opportunity to get to know Frazier a little deeper, as well as obtain some insight on his debut, Virginia Son.

In December 2014, your former band RANDOM HOLIDAY played its farewell show. Since then you started your own record label, Geneva Records, and you have announced that you will be releasing your debut solo EP Virginia Son through it as well. Please tell us about your journey during the last six months that led you to this point in your music career?

Right before RANDOM HOLIDAY broke up, I had started doing solo acoustic shows, playing the songs I knew I was gonna be recording eventually. After a while of writing, playing solo, and demoing, I went to Valencia Studios and recorded with Will Beasley. That was an incredible experience because not only is Will a fantastic producer, but I had all my friends come in and session the different instruments on the record, which is definitely the process I’m going to do on the next record. I’ve just been playing full band since that which has been great. I’m going to be rockin’ the rest of the summer and the fall with my dudes.

Have you added any other solo artists or bands to the Geneva Records family? Will you be releasing their music any time soon?

We actually are adding two bands to the roster currently! I am going to be putting a full-length out for a really cool Virginia-based folk band in November.

Your EP Virginia Son definitely has more of a folk rock than pop punk vibe to it, which many bands have followed as they have matured in their sound. Do you feel like this came naturally to you, or did you have to work at it?

I want to say I had to work at it, because the writing process for this EP was the longest and most in depth experience I’ve had with writing. But the specific sound was kind of natural because I’ve listened to folk, punk, and rock and roll my whole life. The sounds that Virginia Son exhibits are really influences from bands I grew up listening to and pulled heavily on my heart strings. DAGGERMOUTH is still one of my favorite bands though (laughs).

What elements of your upbringing in Virginia did you tie into these songs?

Growing up in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley has shaped me in many ways. The contrast between the beautiful scenery and narrow-mindedness is very apparent. This kind of contrast, however, is in small towns across the country — not just the south. However, Virginia is ingrained heavily into my heart. I love my home, and the Old Dominion.

On your song “Bones,” you talk about making frequent trips from Virginia Beach to central New Jersey. What is it about New Jersey that gave you so much comfort?

At the time of my life that the song is about, RANDOM HOLIDAY was very stagnant. Therefore, all I wanted was to start writing music and playing shows again. Nothing was more comforting then leaving the place I was living to see my best friends in New Jerey. They are what I was referring to as that “Jersey Sound.” All of them play in bands up there (laughs).

Would you say that the songs on Virginia Son are overall darker than your music with RANDOM HOLIDAY?

The songs on Virginia Son are much more of stories and observations. RANDOM HOLIDAY was very interpersonal. The new record hardly is. The music is probably more upbeat, but lyrically, I tried to have a more serious tone.

Conversely, from my understanding, your song “Sunflower” is all about love. Why was it important for you to include this song on the EP?

This was probably the most difficult song to write lyrically for the record. The music came pretty much instantaneously, but the lyrics took forever. Therefore, the song kind of began explaining how hard it was for me to explain what being in love was like. The song means so much to me from every word in it. I’m really proud of how this one turned out. It was also the last song I wrote for the record.

This July, you will be going out on tour with GOOD LUCK SPACEMAN and DOGWOOD TALES. What are you most excited about for this adventure?

I’m looking forward to watching both of those bands play every night, ride in the van with my dudes, see all the friends I’ve met through RANDOM HOLIDAY, Disneyworld, and of course eating at Taco Bus in Tampa, FL — the second greatest restaurant in the world.

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