Ever since his teenage years, Joe has had an intense passion for music. While attending Christopher Newport University, he studied journalism and began taking photos for the Arts and Entertainment section of school newspaper The Captain’s Log. From there his passion for music spread to music journalism, and he began taking photos at concerts both on and off campus. He eventually started his own photography company called Joe Fitz Media, which allowed him to network with local bands for promo photos, live shots, and to help spread their music around to new listeners. In October 2012, Joe started THE DOMINION COLLECTIVE to continue to spread the good music this commonwealth has to offer that needs to be heard by others, whether you live in Virginia or not. Joe also runs our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.


Shelby is a rising Junior at Christopher Newport University. Music and writing have always been a strong passion of hers ever since she heard “All The Small Things” by BLINK 182 on the radio when she was six-years-old. Ever since then, she has always known that she wanted to be involved in the field of music and writing. During her time at CNU, she has written for The Captain’s Log and writes frequently as a hobby during her free time. Shelby personally enjoys post-hardcore, pop punk, and alternative music, and she looks forward to working with these bands in the near future. Shelby is also in charge of our Tumblr account.


Originally from Brookneal and currently living in Harrisonburg, K Sean Long is the head-writer for Upstream Artist Development. In addition to music journalism, K Sean is a songwriter, guitarist, radio personality, promoter, and billiards lover. In terms of music, K Sean’s favorite genres are rock, punk, grunge, folk, and alternative. “I basically like anything innovative as well. I love hearing things that I haven’t before. I’m not really into anything ‘generic’,” explains K Sean. Though he is already a contributor with Upstream AD, K Sean is looking forward to expanding his journalism portfolio by writing for THE DOMINION COLLECTIVE.


Chris is currently a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University studying Print Journalism. He regularly contributes to the VCU student paper, The Commonwealth Times, and he has had internships with RVA Magazine and Gay RVA. He has covered a number of shows and bands coming from Richmond in addition to writing feature news stories for those publications. Having gone to all sorts of shows and playing in several bands while going to high school in Northern Virginia and living in Richmond for the last two years, Chris has been involved with the DIY music scene in Virginia for almost seven years.


Being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest during the rise of grunge music had a direct effect on his outlook on life, but it wasn’t until he moved to Virginia and started attending local shows that his intense interest in music took root. Zach is a 2011 graduate of Christopher Newport University, where he served as an editor and contributor for the school’s newspaper, The Captain’s Log. He has also provided freelance work for local papers, including the Daily Press in Newport News. Like many students of music journalism, he hopes to discover the stories behind the music that moves us. In his free time, he enjoys taking photos of his son with vinyl records, so that the toddler may one day show people how cool he was as a baby.


Ian has a B.A. from James Madison University and far too much useless knowledge concerning the history of death metal. Ian hopes to attend more local concerts as a result of his association with THE DOMINION COLLECTIVE but always takes the time to attend Maryland Death Fest. Ian began writing about music in high school and has sporadically contributed to sites such as Encyclopedia Metallum and Decoy Music in the past. After spending years working on long-form fiction projects, Ian has returned to music writing as a passion project, hoping to rediscover the local scene he lost touch with many years ago. When he’s not listening to black/death/doom metal, Ian enjoys running, whiskey, and good conversation.


Tom received his Bachelor of Music from Shenandoah Conservatory in Music Production and Recording Technology in the Spring of 2012. Tom is most commonly known for playing bass, or screaming backup vocals in the Winchester-based pop punk band DON’T LOOK DOWN, which plays regularly throughout the region and has recently released their first full length album. Tom is also the head sound engineer at Empire. In addition, Tom runs Summation Audio, which offers full multitrack recording services, mixing, mastering, as well as video editing services.


Stephanie has extensive experience in photographing bands including KID ROCK, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, STEVE AOKI, SIMPLE PLAN, ZIGGY MARLEY, and LMFAO!, as well as local bands throughout the Northern Virginia and Maryland area. Stephanie also offers video services, including shooting and editing. Stephanie is also in collaboration with Summation Audio to provide high quality live performance video paired with live multitrack recording for the ultimate live performance media. She is currently in pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in photography from George Mason University.


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We are always looking for more writers, photographers, and videographers to contribute to our blog. If you are interested, contact us immediately at [email protected]. We need people from all areas of Virginia.

Make your contribution to the Virginia music scene today!

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