Known to the rest of the world as Miguel Murillo, DJ MIGS was originally born in Venezuela, and he came to the United States with his family when he was just eight-years-old. His family didn’t move to Virginia until his early-teens, but it was here that DJ MIGS found a home in the local music scene. At first glance, Murillo may not seem like your typical club kid, as he loves being outdoors and his hobbies include surfing, fishing, hunting, and brazilian jiu jitsu. However, music is by far his biggest passion. on his Facebook page, Migs writes, “I’m here to open peoples mind towards dance music and help them have a good time.” We recently had the chance to talk to Migs about how he got started DJing, the types of music that he likes to spin, and what mixes he has in the works.

What attracted you to the DJing/EDM world?
I was never a big club going guy. One day, I went to this event that was held in club/theater, and I saw this guy on stage, someone I am now friends with. He was the only DJ on stage, completely by himself, except for two securities guards on either side. And I just looked at him, and it hit me and I thought, ‘I want to be that guy.’

What was your first show like?
I used to play this place called Steelhouse Tavern, where they held ping pong tournaments. What I used to play there was always new territory for me, because the genres they wanted were different from my genres of choice. It really helped me spin all types of music, and learn to adapt. I used to switch in some of my own styles into the genres they chose, and would kind of trick people into dancing on the floor before they would realize what I’d done.

What is your favorite genre of choice to spin?
Out of everything, I enjoy more tech-house than anything. I float around a bit, and what I play comes down to what my mood is. It’s a jumble, really, but it always focuses on House more than anything else.

What is your favorite genre of choice to listen to?
It’s House, just like what I spin. I hate doing things I don’t like to do, especially when it’s my job or my work. I enjoy music, and I really enjoy House music. One of the reasons I’m good at it is because I really enjoy it; that’s where it comes from. A few years ago, I went to see TIESTO for my first EDM show, and it was life changing. Ever since that, it’s been House music for me.

Is there any genre or element of the EDM world that you wish would make a comeback?
There is nothing I can think of that I’d rather have compared to what is already happening. Everything I’m involved is isn’t really old school, and everything old school that was good enough to deserve a comeback is coming back on its own.

Which sorts of events do you prefer – underground or clubs?
Clubs, without a doubt. Everything is all set up, and all I have to do is plug in and play. There’s security, people to handle the lighting so I don’t have to worry about it. I just walk in, and everything is ready for me to go. The free bar tab helps out too (laughs).

If you were to label your rave persona – industrial, kandi-kid, etc. – what would your style be?
Honestly, I’m the person you don’t expect to rave. If you really knew me, and saw me every day, at school, etc., you’d be like, ‘No, he’s just your typical guy.’ I hunt, I fish, I sometimes hit the club, and I’m just your ordinary club kid there. Really, I’m just a complete mutt of my surroundings.

Weapon of choice: Controller, C-DJ’s, or Vinyl?
As of now, I use a controller because I’m a broke college student and can’t afford a $6,000 nice C-DJ set up. People down in VA aren’t too worried about what you use to play, so there’s not a lot of discrimination against what a DJ chooses to use. I don’t care what you play on, even if it’s a bath tub with buttons; as long as you know what you’re doing and it sounds good.

What are some new mix themes you have in the works? I saw on your Facebook you mentioned a dedication to AVICCI’s new CD?
That CD is really good. I’ve personally played it a few times, and I know only a few people have actually sat and heard the full CD, instead of just parts of it. I’m really glad that he took a new approach to House music. Some of the sounds are actual live instruments that he recorded. On computers, it can’t grab the beat in the exact way. It’s really beautiful, it has the feeling of an actual band, and everything is on beat. I’m glad he took the different approach. For my new mixes, everything changes from month to month. Again, it all depends on my mood. It’s like with other artists, like ADELE for example: she broke up with her boyfriend, and started writing music. When I’m down and not in the mood, I’ll do some mash ups with deep house. In the morning when I’m fresh awake, I’m in the mood to spin some progressive house.

Do you currently only spin, or are you also working on some mash-ups, or producing your own tracks?
Right now, I’m just trying to expand within the community. I’m going to school, and it’s hard trying to find the time to produce my own music, so I’m not focused on that right now. With classes, being in a fraternity, involved with fundraisers, etc., it’s just about getting out there right now for me, and doing what I’m doing well. I’m just going to mellow out, and focus on doing what I want. Down the line, when I have more time, I’ll focus on other things, but I want to do what I’m doing now the best I can, instead of focusing on doing too much.

Any final words?
Turn up or transfer.

For more updates on DJ Migs’s upcoming events and new mixes, “like” his Facebook page and follow him on Soundcloud.

Coryn Rose

Coryn has been involved in the local music scene since the age of 15, photographing local bands down the street from her house when she only had a point-and-shoot camera from Wal-Mart. Since those days, she has become a full-fledged photographer and writer. A true rocker and metalhead at heart, Coryn also enjoys the EDM music scene, feeling incomplete without either in her life for an extended period of time. She currently lives in Philadelphia.

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