Though she is only 18-years-old BRIA KELLY has accomplished more in her music career than most children her age, and she hasn’t even graduated high school yet! Ever since she was a little girl, Bria had a passion for singing and a love for music, which was influenced by her equally musical parents, Bob and Jan Kelly. This year, Bria was a contestant on season 6 of NBC’s The Voice, and she showed the world the talent Virginia has to offer. Though she was recently voted off, she made it to the top 10 and earned a place in our hearts. We spoke with Bria about her humble beginnings to opening for the biggest names in country music, her time on The Voice and her friendship with Usher, and her plans for her career.

Please tell me how you got started singing, and when did you know that you wanted to pursue it professionally?

I started in elementary school doing third grade chorus concerts. Then when I was 11-years-old, my parents had me record the National Anthem, and we sent it to a bunch of sports teams. The first team that I performed for was the Norfolk Admirals, and it just took off from there. I got the opportunity to open for a bunch of artists, including TAYLOR SWIFT and DARIUS RUCKER. When I was 13-years-old, I decided that I wanted to play music professionally. I learned to play guitar to be more self-sufficient, and when I was 16, I opened for MIRANDA LAMBERT.

Growing up in Smithfield, who were some of your primary musical influences?

Definitely my dad. He was a huge influence, and he played guitar in a band when he was younger. My mom was also a singer, and she was my vocal coach when I was growing up.

Do you prefer playing solo or with a live band?

I like both in equal amounts. I really like the full sound of a band, but I also like the intimate feel when it’s just me and my guitar. My live performance incorporates both.

During your infamous audition of “Steamroller Blues” for The Voice, both Blake Shelton and Adam Levine turned their chairs around immediately after you started singing, and Usher said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have just heard THE Voice.” How did that make you feel, and is that why you chose USHER as your coach, even though he was the last one to turn around?

It felt absolutely amazing, especially since there were a ton of other people that went before me. I was just blown away by that. Initially, I thought that I wanted to go with Adam, but Usher was just so fixated on me, and he seemed like the best person to help me develop my voice. When he pulled out that Grammy, it was an easy choice for me (laughs).

How supportive was USHER throughout the whole process?

He was really supportive, and he worked with me directly. He became like a big brother and mentor to me. We are still in touch, and he is really a generous, amazing guy.

Tell me what was going through your mind leading up to, during, and after your performance of “I’m With You” by AVRIL LAVIGNE.

I was nervous because it was not a song that I was familiar with, and it wasn’t a style of singing I was familiar with either. I did the best that I could with it, and I sang to the best of my ability. I just couldn’t give my best performance, and after hearing the judge’s comments, I knew that I would be going home. I was troubled by it at first, but it is what it is. I just think it was the song choice that got me.

In addition to being in the top 10 of The Voice, you were also a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent. Do you plan to audition for a third talent search show?

No, I am all reality showed out. I think that if I did another, it would start to seem gimmicky. I’ve run my course on those shows, and it’s time for me to do my own thing now without a show/network.

Even though you didn’t win The Voice, we think you represented Virginia very well, and we can’t wait to see how far your music takes you. Is there anyone that you would like to give a shout out to?

My parents and my two best friends Joey and Kiley. Thanks for your support!

For more updates on BRIA KELLY, be sure to visit her website, “like” her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter and Instagram, subscribe to her YouTube channel, and listen to her music on Soundcloud.

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