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For the past four years, the guys in HONOUR CREST have been on the rise with their unique blend of metalcore and electronica. Formed by guitarist Chad Orange, drummer Cory Beaver, bassist Jimmy Dillon, guitarist Zach FitzPatrick (no relation), and vocalist Lucas Borza, the band has set the stage to be one of the most energetic and successful bands in the metalcore scene today. Born and bred in Virginia Beach, the members of the band have been making huge successes in their music careers in record time. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Borza and Orange about the band’s secrets to success, their recent addition to the Rise Records family, and what is next for them.

When HONOUR CREST formed in 2009, there were very few metalcore bands that combined electronica music into their songs. How has that helped set you apart from other metal bands in the scene?

Well we knew right from the start that things were going to be different, since we were only a 2-piece “band” (3 if you include the laptop, haha). And our writing process has always started with a solid electronics foundation, so we take that and build off of that, instead of just throwing random samples on top of a song.

What are some topics and/or themes that you guys write about most?

We’ve always written about our past experiences and how certain parts of our lives have changed us, whether it is for better or worse, and how we’ve dealt with that change.

Recently, your band signed with Rise Records, which is a major accomplishment for you guys. How did you go about attracting their attention?

As soon as Metrics was released and we were out of our contract with Indianola Records, we got a line of communication with Sean Heydorn from Rise Records, talking back and forth over the next year about possibly joining the Rise family and what routes we could take with our future in mind.

Can you tell us anything about what fans can expect from your upcoming album?

We definitely tried to appeal to both old and new fan bases, having similar song structures while creating a new feel to what we’ve written in the past. We’ve also joked about calling a few songs “Cinemati-core”, if that makes any sense. But we’re definitely looking forward to releasing it and collecting feedback.

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In addition to signing to Rise Records, you also recently joined The Artery Foundation and The Agency Group, which is one of the world’s leading booking agencies. How does it feel to be making such huge leaps and bounds in your career?

We know that we’ve been given the tools to be a successful touring band, now it’s our turn to use them to our advantage and show the world we’ve got what it takes.

Will you guys start doing music full-time soon?

It’s definitely a goal of ours.

Do you have any advice for aspiring bands in the Virginia music scene hoping to achieve the level of success that HONOUR CREST has achieved thus far?

Be a part of the scene. Involve yourself with others, and don’t wait around for things to happen. Take initiative and start being the band that you’d want to be.

Are there any Virginia bands in particular that you think have a good chance at a music career as well?

Honestly, there’s a lot of great artists in Virginia, and they appeal to a wide variety of listeners. We’re definitely proud of where we live and think that if a band devotes themselves to their music, then anything is possible.

Do you have any upcoming shows our tours in the near future?

Other than a few weekend tours, we’re currently working with Artery and The Agency Group on our first national tours, and even some potential out-of-the-country dates.

For more information and updates on their upcoming record and future tours, visit HONOUR CREST on Facebook and Twitter.

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Having been formed since 2009, pop punk act, RANDOM HOLIDAY, have been very focused on their music career. The band started with four members in Winchester, VA during their freshmen year of high school. However, the band has been reduced to the two current members, guitarist Noah Mullinax and vocalist/guitarist Mike Frazier. They have since toured in multiple cities, most recently a trip through the east coast. Their debut full-length album, Space to Grow, inspired by the song of the same name by THE DANGEROUS SUMMER, was released during the spring of this year. Their music is for those who desire insight, with catchy lyrics, clean riffs and vocals with a subtle edge reminiscent of Jon Simmons of BALANCE AND COMPOSURE. I was given the amazing opportunity to meet with the laid-back and incredibly friendly members and spoke to them about their influences and future of the band. Their debut album is currently available on Bandcamp, which can be found on their Facebook page.

What made you want to start a band?

Mike Frazier: I always wanted to start a band.

Noah Mullinax: I was bored and couldn’t skate.

How did you guys meet?

Mullinax: From our original bassist Kyle, he knew Mike and asked if we wanted to start playing music. Basically through mutual friends, it had boiled down to the two of us. We didn’t know each other before the band.

Frazier: We started hanging out a lot more than the other two. When we started we were a ska band, but it didn’t work out (musically).

Who are your biggest influences? Who or what inspired you to create music?

Mullinax: GREEN DAY and BLINK 182. Basically those two. Our tastes have expanded since then.

Frazier: We’re the same (influentially). When I saw the video for “American Idiot”, I knew I wanted to be in a band.

What’s the song you are most proud of?

Frazier: Either “17” or “Where I Belong”. We brought in so much new stuff, the structure and drum beats, as well as acoustic guitars. Lyrically, “Where I Belong” is my favorite, but “17” describes the record. Like when you turn 17 life starts to get real, you experience new things. So much had happened in that short period of time. “Crossing the Potomac” is another favorite of mine lyrically; it’s mainly about traveling up in Maryland with our buddy Phil.

Mullinax: (About being 17) You start to see how the world works. You start to make real decisions that make your future. One of my favorite songs is “Lee”, which is the second song [on the record]; I just like the dynamics of it. The emotions are out there, it’s on our sleeve at that point.

How was your recent tour? Where did you go?

Mullinax: It was probably the best tour we’ve done. We went from Florida and then drove up the east coast. Went to a lot of beaches and swam a lot.

Frazier: We went to all the states above Florida. DISTANCES were a great band to tour with.

random holiday 3

Where are you touring next?

Frazier: Just a couple days with BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES. We’re doing Maryland, Yonkers in New York and New Jersey, as well as a hometown show.

Random Holiday is an interesting band name. What does it mean and what inspired you to make it the band’s name?

Mullinax: Absolutely nothing. There’s no story behind it, I just thought of two catchy words together.

Frazier: It just popped in his head.

What other names were you considering?

Frazier: How’s My Driving which is a LESS THAN JAKE song. Also, Up Your Assets. Most of the other names had no meaning.

What do you hope your music means to your fans or future listeners?

Mullinax: The release or expression of some type of emotion; that the music means something.

Frazier: I’d hope it’s relatable, there are times in your life that you want “to swift” (meaning to pull a “Taylor Swift” song-writing wise). We hope there are songs that speak to people and hit them on an emotional level. We have some songs that are situational that are going in society and can help you cope with it. We want people to feel something.

Are you working on a new album or EP?

Mullinax: Somewhat. We’re both writing, but our first priority is to get a full band together. Once we get that we’ll work at it full-time. We’re pushing for another full length.

Frazier: We’re looking for a bassist and basically anyone who can sing melodies and stuff. I’d like to keep playing and keep writing.

random holiday 2

Who do you hope to work with in the future?

Frazier: If we get a producer, I would love Mark Hoppus, or another record with our old producer. We wouldn’t want someone to who would change our music and who we are. Or Will Yip, he’d be pretty cool.

Mullinax: I’m not sure, I haven’t really looked into a producer. If Mark Hoppus hit me up. I would love to. I want my songs to be mine, nobody else’s.

Are there any bands or musicians from Virginia, or from surrounding areas, that you think people should check out?

Mullinax: KILL LINCOLN, they’re a good ska band from DC. TIMES NEW ROMAN, they’re from Southern Virginia.

Frazier: THE OCCUPANTS, THE ODDITIES, LIKE YOU TO ME, TOY STORE RIOT, IN COURAGE. We’ve mainly played mainly in Maryland, and we’ve met so many people. Also, DON’T LOOK DOWN and THE ELEVENTH HOUR.

For more updates on RANDOM HOLIDAY’s tour schedule and upcoming releases, visit their Facebook and Twitter.



Ever since they were just five-years-old, the members of DEPTHS OF MARIANA have always had a passion for music. Vocalist David Herriott, guitarist Bradley Wyatt, and drummer John Abel have been living on the same country road in Stafford and have been playing in bands together since they could pick up an instrument. Once they found their bassist Austin Ryan and lead guitarist Scotty Pucket, they knew that they found something special. Formerly known as ONCE UPON A NIGHTMARE, the boys set their sights on becoming the heaviest band in Virginia and coming up with a ‘signature sound’ that sets them apart from other metal bands in the area. Recently, Alex Heiberger of LEGION posted on his Facebook page “You NEED to be listening to DEPTHS OF MARIANA. Do not sleep on these guys!” I recently had the opportunity to talk with David Herriott regarding his band’s past, their success with winning the Battle of the Bands to play Mayhem Fest two years in a row, and what they have planned for the future.

Your band used to be called ONCE UPON A NIGHTMARE. Why did you change it, and where did you get the inspiration for your new name?

Honestly, the band was terrible at that time, and we hated our name. Our drummer John randomly suggested DEPTHS OF MARIANA, and we all liked the sound of it. We are considering changing our name again, but we might not because it could set us back some.

How would you describe your ‘signature sound’ that sets you apart from other metal bands in the area?

Our band is really “slam” influenced. We take death metal and mix it with a hardcore vibe and make it our own. It is really fast and heavy, and we just try to bring as much intensity to each song as we possibly can.


You have opened for some of the biggest names in metal, but who do you look up to the most as a vocalist?

I really like John Tardy of OBITUARY, Nate Rebolledo of XIBALBA, and Tomas Pearson of FOUNDATION really inspire me lyrically. I really just love how they sound and the genius lyrics they write. They inspire me to try and write lyrics as genius as theirs.

What are some topics you write about most in your songs?

We write a lot about selfishness, neglect, and a messed up world, and we draw inspiration from personal experiences and things that we have witnessed.

This will be your second year playing the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at Jiffy Lube Live. How has your band grown since last year’s performance that helped you be successful this year as well?

Basically we stopped caring about writing really hyped up parts and we stopped writing what we thought people wanted from us. We want to write the music we like to play, and we hope that people will dig it. We want to write music for ourselves. That is what matters most to us.

What do you have prepared for your next album?

Currently, we are in the process of recording a new EP titled Colder with Nick Matako from the band ENDEAVOR, but they tour so much we have not made much progress on it yet. It will include an intro and four songs. After we get that done, I want to record a three song EP called Century of Dishonor, which will feature our newest songs, which are majorly influenced by XIBALBA. I want the music to be really heavy and atmospheric. When people listen it, I want it to be clear exactly what we were going for.


What are some other local bands that you are really into?

Personally, I really like TIME ENDS from Virginia Beach, SPIRIT ANIMAL from Richmond, REALITY CHECK from Springfield, TRUE WORTH from Harrisonburg, and WIRETAP from Winchester. Also, I know they aren’t from Virginia, but I gotta give a shout out to TRUE HEAD from DC. People need to check them out.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans and potential listeners?

If you have heard us before, please stick around for the new music we have coming out, and if you haven’t heard us yet, check us out and come out to a show. Also, be sure to come see us at Mayhem Fest. I’m not sure what stage we will be playing on, but most likely we will be on the Sumerian stage.

For more information on DEPTHS OF MARIANA, be sure to follow them on Facebook for updates on their upcoming shows and albums to be released.

On August 30th, hardcore bands from all over Virginia will be converging in Newport News for a show of monumental proportions. The show will be hosted at Meko’s Skate Shop, which also features a huge indoor skate park. Formerly known as Antigravity Skate Park, this location is the perfect spot for a show of this magnitude. Booked by VB Shows, which is one of the most prominent booking agencies for hardcore shows in the Hampton Roads area, this show features bands from Virginia Beach (Paper Trail, Strangle Hold, and Cutback), Norfolk (No Substance), Northern Virginia (Reality Check), and Richmond (Down To Nothing). This show is all ages, so please some out and show your support for this scene.


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