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One of the most notorious pop punk bands in America right now, the men of BROADSIDE have been recording and touring as much as possible across America over the past few years, and they are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. They recently filmed a music video for their song “Storyteller”, which will be featured on their split with JULY, and they are also in the process of recording a full-length record. Through pop punk “bromances” and a constant supply of Mexican food, BROADSIDE has become one of the best known bands in the scene, but they still have lots of love for the Virginia music scene. I recently had the opportunity to talk to their drummer Andrew, their bassist Josh, and their guitarist Niles about the bands current projects and what fans can expect from their new music.

I heard the house show that you guys played last week with FAR FROM PROPER, COUNT TO FOUR, BATTLEGHOST, and AUDIOSTROBELIGHT got shut down by the police after your first song. Do you guys like playing house shows despite the potential threat for a noise complaint?

Andrew: For sure! House shows are the most fun and most intimate. It’s usually an all-around good time.

Josh: I think it’s great when kids show up that know each other that are trying to build up their scene and hang out, not just to start fights and wreck shit.

How did your band get started?

Andrew: Jade and myself were living out in Cali, but we didn’t know each other until we met in a band that will remain unnamed. I am originally from Richmond, but I was going to school out there. We eventually decided to start our own band, and we both wanted to move back to Virginia. When we met the other guys, we just wanted to record and tour as much as possible.

You recently filmed a music video for your song “Storyteller” off your upcoming full length with Laura Murray Photography. What was the concept for that, and when will it be released?

Andrew: It’s based around when you are dating someone for a long time and you start to get comfortable in your relationship with them, and when you look back on the good things you realize why you are still together. We shot it at the overlook off [Interstate] 95. The song will be on our split with our friends JULY, but no date has been set for its release yet. The music video should be out within the next month though.

What can fans expect from your upcoming record?

Niles: It will be a much different sound. We have had a few member changes, and this record is gonna be a more fine-tuned sound with heartfelt and honest lyrics. It’s gonna be a lot more rock and less bubblegum. There will be moments that will make you sad and happy and make you smile and want to cry. We really feel it’s a way more mature record.

Who are you recording the your full-length with?

Andrew: We are recording the split with Sam, who is the drummer of JULY, so we decided to record our full-length with him too, but we have not decided whether we are going up to him in Canada or if he is going to come down to us.

Your band has a close relationship with many other bands in the scene, but which pop punk band do you guys have the biggest “bromance” with?

Andrew: That’s really tough. For a while, GIANTS AT LARGE, MAJOR LEAGUE, FOREVER CAME CALLING, and us were a sort of “Rat Pack” (laughs). GIANTS [AT LARGE] are great guys. We did the full U.S. with them, and that was crazy. FOREVER CAME CALLING took us out on their second tour, and those guys are really genuine, no bullshit. We are also really close with WE STILL DREAM. We love those guys.

How do you feel about the current state of the pop punk scene in Virginia?

Andrew: It’s cool but I wish there was more. The scene is pretty tiny, and I wish people were more receptive to it. I think the important thing is to keep pushing get kids out to shows.

Josh: There used to be a huge following and everybody would go out to shows at Alley Katz (currently called Kingdom). Now, our generation is running it and setting up shows. I think it’s great that we can be part of that and put something positive into kid’s lives that they can identify with. It helps guide the next generation to keep the music going.

Are there any bands in particular that you would like to tour with, living or dead, that you have not toured with before?

Josh: Slipknot would be awesome (laughs). But I would love to tour with SAVES THE DAY, NEW FOUND GLORY, and HIT THE LIGHTS. We saw the HIT THE LIGHTS the first time they played at Kingdom, and they were a solid influence on what we wanted to sound like as a band. THE STARTING LINE was a big influence as well.

Niles: I would love to tour with THE EARLY NOVEMBER. They have been my favorite band since I was 15. Or ACCEPTANCE if they ever got back together, but realistically, I think it would be awesome to tour with STICKUP KID. Their new record Future Fire is amazing.

Andrew: For my dream tour, I would love to do a Drive Thru Records Takeover Tour with their old line up. I would cream my panties over that (laughs). But as far as a real tour, I would just love to play with all of our friends, JULY, GIANTS AT LARGE, IN COURAGE, just have a big fest party.

You guys should set that up for real. I would totally go to that.

Josh: 2014 (laughs).

As a band, which do you prefer more: tacos or pizza?

Andrew: Tacos by far—hands down. I never really understood the whole obsession between pop punk kids and pizza. I mean pizza is cool, but we have a Mexican in our band so we usually go for tacos or burritos.

Are there any other bands or musicians from Virginia that you think others need to hear?


Do you guys have any last words or final thoughts?

Andrew: Just a huge thanks to everyone that has supported us. Go to local shows and support your scene. Also, thanks to THE DOMINION COLLECTIVE for what you are doing for this scene.

For more information on BROADSIDE, follow them on Twitter and “like” their Facebook page.




Inspired by the “go-go” scene of Washington DC and the hip-hop flair of bounce beat, RDGLDGRN, which is made up of Red the guitarist, Gold the bassist, and Green the lyricist, arose from Reston in Northern Virginia and have been on the fast track to success ever since. After completing the full 2013 Vans Warped Tour, the band is preparing for the release of their first full length record, the RDGLDGRN LP, which will feature some of their hit songs, including “Lootin’ In London” and “I Love Lamp”. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Red about how the band got started and what they have coming up in the near future.

You guys recently got back from playing the full tour of the Vans Warped Tour. Did Kevin Lyman personally contact you and ask you guys to play?

Our booking agents Jeff and Mike hooked it up. We didn’t talk to Kevin Lyman directly.

I heard that while you were on the tour, your band became close friends with THE STORY SO FAR. Do you have any memorable stories about your experiences with them on the tour that you can share?

Parker is a wicked futboller (soccer player). He has got a nice touch. We played with them as well as a few guys from some of the other bands like Austin the bassist of FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS, Matt the drummer of AUGUST BURNS RED, and the guys from BRING ME THE HORIZON on two occasions actually.

How did your band get started?

It came out of the ashes of another band called THE FIVE ONE, which had the three of us and a fourth guy named Blue. He went off to do his own thing. But we all knew each other from high school.

Why did you select the color red to represent you individually?

We decided to use colors as our identities not for any particular “it” factor, but they were just colors we have always identified with. I noticed 8 to 10 years ago that my eye has always been drawn to the color red. If I have the choice of picking something colored, I always pick red. So we just ran with that idea, and the nickname stuck. We even use our identities with our families. Its like we are Batman all the time and never Bruce Wayne.

Have you thought about legally changing your name to Red?

I actually have the papers (laughs), but I have not filed them yet.

Since you guys don’t have a drummer in your line-up, you had DAVE GROHL of NIRVANA and FOO FIGHTERS play drums on your record. Please tell us how that came about.

It really goes to show its all about who you know. He was at Sound City, which is where NIRVANA recorded Nevermind, filming a documentary while we were there recording. Our label head talked to him over a series of emails, and we got the chance to meet him. He was really impressed with our song “I Love Lamp” and offered to play drums on the track. He really liked that it was not your standard song, and it was really challenging and fun for him. So he asked us if we had any more songs, and we laid down all 15 of our songs with him. It was a perfect moment, and we are both from the NoVa area so it worked really well.

You also had PHARRELL WILLIAMS produce the track “Doing The Most” on your record. What was it like being in the studio with him?

In a word, it was incredible. When he came into the studio for the first time he introduced himself and shook our hands. He told us that he was very humbled and honored to meet us, which was not what we expected at all. He worked really well with us on listening to our vision as well as providing his own input to help craft the music into something much more dynamic. It was really a collaborative effort overall, and I can definitely say it was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

I read in an interview you guys did with MTV Hive that the songs on your record were inspired by old school “indie go-go music”. What elements do you take from that genre, and how do you make it modern?

Go-go is a form of regional music from the District, which is a combination of funk and rhythmic percussion, and the modern version of that is called bounce beat, which is what our music is. We also combine hip-hop, which I guess makes it more modern. Its got a lot of bass and a lot of drums. As for the indie part, the best example of that is the intro to “I Love Lamp”, which combines elements of surf rock and the style of early VAMPIRE WEEKEND.

It’s no secret that you guys are big soccer fans, and that your song “Lootin’ in London” is inspired by the sport. In what ways does soccer influence the band when writing songs?

In Europe and the rest of the world futbol is a global language. We draw influences from all over the world, and just like futbol, music is a common denominator. People in many different countries and cultures all love bands like BOB MARLEY, THE BEATLES, and THE CLASH. So at the end of the day futbol and music are the same.

Does your band have any pre-show rituals you like to do?

We like to get there before the set time (laughs). We don’t have a set ritual, its more a matter of hurry up and wait, but we try to keep the energy up between us. We are all very competitive so we usually carry a ball around with us, or we play Fifa on our XBox to pass the time.

Are there any other bands or musicians from Virginia you are into right now that other people need to listen to?

Yeah definitely smaller, more unknown bands like the NEW IMPRESSIONZ BAND. Also, all the go-go bands from the generation before us. Also, more modern stuff like MISSY ELLIOTT and THE NEPTUNES.

For more information and updates from RDGLDGRN, visit their website, “like” their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter. Also, be sure to pick up the RDGLDGRN LP, which comes out in the UK on September 2nd and in the United States and worldwide on September 3rd.




Music videos have been said to be a dying medium for musicians and bands.

If the death of music videos came about because MTV decided it would be more profitable to air original reality television shows instead of music videos, then young cinematographers are bringing them back.

A prime example of this select group is THE CLASSIC LP, whom his family and friends know as Josh Bart-Plange.

A self-described cinematographer and entrepreneur, THE CLASSIC LP began shooting music videos for his friend’s involved in the Northern Virginia hip-hop scene about two years ago. He says that his love of music made him want to get involved with the scene in any way he could.

“I’ve always been brought up around people who have done music, so I always wanted to get into music,” says Bart-Plange, “So first I tried to produce, but that didn’t really work out, so I decided to pick up a camera one time and that came to me naturally.”

The inspiration to become a cinematographer came about only a short time before THE CLASSIC LP brand was initiated. Bart-Plange says that artists who released a number of casual videos, not just music videos, encouraged him to visually document his friends who were trying to make a name for themselves in the hip-hop scene.

“When MAC MILLER and WIZ KHALIFA were getting big, I’d always watch their day-to-day video blogs – now they’re huge. I watched this interview once with this producer [named] Harris Martin, where he said WIZ [KHALIFA] gave him the best advice. He said, ‘If you’ve got a computer and talent, there’s no reason you can’t be famous because you’re putting everything out to the world.’” That idea left an impression on Bart-Plange, who says that belief inspired him to pick up a camera and start shooting.

While music videos have become a sort of burgeoning medium, with MTV no longer really showing music videos except for on MTV Hits, MTV Jams, and mtvU channels, unsigned bands and artists are finding low-budget, but talented videographers and cinematographers to make videos for them.

YouTube, with its user-friendly interface and channels, allows both musicians and cinematographers to compile their work and instantly makes their videos available for anyone. You can also find quality, high definition videos on, which many cinematographers are using as well for hosting and sharing their music videos.

THE CLASSIC LP has shot, directed, and edited videos for top Virginia hip-hop artists such as SHANE, CITY, and SHIFTSPINKZ. Bart-Plange says he’s known each one of them since middle school.

Bart-Plange has also been involved in shooting music videos for members of the Virginia based FA$TLIFE MILITIA, which is comprised of artists BUCKY MALONE, SKYYHIRY, SOLO, and a whole slew of other producers, engineers, and graphic artists.

In addition, SILENT TREATMENT, which is a production company that’s been a client of THE CLASSIC LP has had Bart-Plange filming their open mic/slam poetry nights, called Spirits & Lyrics at City Tavern Grille in Manassas. Every week, THE CLASSIC LP has posted a recap of each Tuesday night’s event and is currently involved in filming a short documentary film about the charity work that Silent Treatment is also involved in.

Another group that THE CLASSIC LP has recently started working with is Distinguished Gentlemen’s Marketing Group (DGMG), which does parties and events at various venues throughout the area. DGMG is also responsible for the Squared Circle Battle League, which is a rap battle competition that’s held at First Break Cafe in Sterling. A number of artists that Bart-Plange has also shot a few videos for are also involved with the group.

While hoping to make the most of THE CLASSIC LP moniker, Bart-Plange is also working to further develop his skill set. Recently, he started an internship with Cool Kids Forever Films, which is a Washington DC based production company that has had videos featured on MTV, VH1, and BET.

In addition to shooting music videos, THE CLASSIC LP also has worked with models, companies, businesses, and groups that have him doing other videographer and photographer work, but Bart-Plange admits that shooting music videos is his favorite thing to do. He takes pride in working with local artists and helping the greater music scene here in Virginia.

For more videos and updates from THE CLASSIC LP, subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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Not many bands are concerned with making connections with fans more than they are with actually making music, but the men of THE REBUILT MACHINE from Manassas have transcended to a completely different level. Though the world may appear dark at times, the music of THE REBUILT MACHINE provides a soundtrack for new hope and resilience even when life seems the toughest. During their passionate, high energy performances, the band gives everything they have got in hopes of sparking a fire in your soul. I had the opportunity to speak to the band’s vocalist Josh Miller about the band’s influences and what the music means to them in a very personal way.

On your website, your band charter reads, “We believe that music is the language of the soul. Our goal is to become fluent.” What does that mean to you?

Basically, words can only do so much in terms of connecting with people, but music is on another level in terms of its ability to spark something in people’s souls. As a band, we want to utilize music as a language to speak to people on a whole new level to help us establish relationships with others on a much deeper level.

Your band had the opportunity to play the Vans Warped Tour this summer. How much of the tour did you guys play, and what was that experience like?

We only played in Virginia Beach, but we got to play two sets. We played on the Acoustic Basement Stage in the morning and then live as a full band on the Ernie Ball Stage in the afternoon. We were just really happy we did it even if it doesn’t amount to anything for us professionally as a band. We all grew up skateboarding and listening to punk music so it was something that we were very proud of accomplishing. At the beginning of the summer, we set a clear goal to play Warped Tour, and we worked our asses off to get there. It was something we had to cross off the list so when we are 60 or 70-years-old, we can look back and remember the determination it took to do that.

Do you have any strange, weird, or interesting stories from touring that you would like to share?

Yeah, we were on tour last year with our friends MY NAME IS DREW from Delaware, and we were going to this “venue” in a really ghetto part of Knoxville, TN. So when we got to this “venue” we found out it was some guy’s house. We were the opening band, and we were playing in this guy’s living room. It was kind of awkward though because the only guy watching us was the vocalist from one of the other bands, and near the end of our set I said, ‘Thanks for coming out. It’s awesome to be in Kentucky,” and then the guy just walked away. The rest of the guys never let me forget that moment (laughs).

Your website also states, “When we started this thing, we took a lot of time re-defining ourselves and what our music is about.” How would you define yourselves as a band?

Basically along the same vein as what I said about our charter. We are a band that is all about connections. We try to take the extra step to meet the fans and be more about the music than selling tickets or making it big. We all have jobs as our sources of income, and the band is just our way to be creative and connect with others. When I was younger I struggled with depression, but music helped pull me out of the darkness. If we can do that for someone else, that is more fulfilling than turning the band into a job.

How would you describe the energy of a show while your band is playing?

Passionate. When we are on stage, we refrain from standing still at all costs. We just go ape shit (laughs). In fact, after our live set one of our guitarists and our drummer threw up because they were going so crazy. We try to get lost in the music. Honestly, I think the energy and emotion you give in your performance is sometimes more important than playing the music perfectly. We try to leave it all on the stage.

What are some of the main themes of your record Despite What You’ve Been Told?

A lot of it was written about us trying to figure out who we are as individuals. The overall theme is that everybody hurts at some point in their lives, and we all go through troubled water. However, everyone has something that gets them through it. It’s about finding the ability to reach inside yourself and tap into the piece of your soul that allows you to tap into whatever outlet you need to get yourself through those painful moments. We are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for.

the rebuilt machine 1

Are there any other bands from Virginia that you guys are really into that others should check out?

Definitely IN VISIONS. We have played a ton of shows with those guys, and they are great dudes. The have new music coming out soon, so be on the lookout for that. Also, KETURA, which is just a one-man show, but he is very talented, and last but not least, MAYBE AVIATOR from Richmond. Some of them went to high school with us and then took their talents to VCU, but they are also great guys.

Do you have any announcements as far as upcoming shows or new music that’s your fans or potential listeners should be aware of?

We are playing a show this Tuesday at Empire with OUR LAST NIGHT, but the next big thing we have coming up is a new music video for our song “A Week Shy of August”. We shot some of it at Warped Tour, and it’s more of a documentary. We filmed it with our friends THE GOLDEN BOYS, which is another sweet band from Manassas that plays shows every now and then. It will premier in a couple weeks on our YouTube page, so be on the lookout for that.

To stay updated on THE REBUILT MACHINE, visit their website, follow them on Facebook, and Twitter. Also, be sure to download their latest record Despite What You’ve Been Told, which is available on iTunes.

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Hailing from Woodbridge, VA, the guys of MADISON APART formed originally in 2003, but after a one year hiatus, they are back in action with new covers, ideas for their next record, and more music videos with crazy antics. Playing a unique blend of metalcore, MADISON APART wants to get fans off their feet to party and have a good time. I recently saw this dynamic group opening the first Intensity Music Festival, which also featured THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, MY CHILDREN MY BRIDE, and many more. After the concert, I had the opportunity to talk to guitarist and band manager Zakk Farkas about the band’s past, present, and plans for the future.

Your band had the opportunity to play the Intensity Music Fest in Arlington last week. How were you selected to play?

Triple A Pavilion, which is the church where the fest was held, was having a Battle of the Bands to win the opening spot six weeks before the show. When we asked to play it, we were told originally that the show was full, but they called us up a week before the semi-finals and told us that one of the bands dropped, so they invited us to play, and we were fortunate enough to win against SET FOR TOMORROW and IN VISIONS.

According to your Facebook page, MADISON APART originally formed in 2003, but you recently got back together. How long were you on hiatus for, and why did the band take a break?

We took a one year hiatus basically because tensions were getting high and we just needed a break from nonstop studio time, playing shows, and touring. We are basically a family, and we needed to take a step back to reflect on ourselves. Now that we are back though, we are collectively stronger than ever.

madison apart 2

What is the meaning behind your band name?

When we got together we were all in high school, and we were just 16 and 17-years-old. We really liked the name Madison, and at the time there was another band called MADISON AVENUE. But we chose MADISON APART just because we liked how it sounded.

What are some of the common themes of your songs?

We don’t usually try to write songs with deep meanings. Our motto is “We came to party,” so we try to make party music that people will enjoy and have fun listening to. That’s whats most important to us.

Have you had any memorable interactions with your fans?

We were invited to play a birthday party one time at a firehouse in Port Deposit, MD, and there were 300 or 400 kids there in our shirts and singing along to our songs even though we had never played there before. It was an awesome experience.

Is there any plans for a MADISON APART tour in the near future?

If the opportunity comes up to play in support of other bands, we are definitely open to it. However, for the time being we are more focused on building our fan base in our area.

Does the band have plans for a new record soon? What can fans expect from that?

Yeah, we are working on an EP right now. Over the past year, we all have been writing music on our own so we all have a lot of ideas. Our goal is to get back to our roots. We have only been working on it for about 2 weeks now so we still have a lot to do with it, but we hope our fans enjoy it. We are recording the whole thing on our own. We used to be on our small indie label, but we didn’t like having other people’s hands in the cookie jar. We have no plans to get signed, and whatever we do, from recording to our music videos, it is 100% MADISON APART.

What are some other bands from Virginia that people need to hear?

There’s two in particular. THE REBUILT MACHINE from Haymarket is really good and also IN VISIONS. Grayson, who is the vocalist of IN VISIONS, used to buy tickets to our shows, and it’s really cool how he supported us when he was younger. Now we can support him and his band. He is a great guy and a great musician.

Do you have any announcements you would like to share?

We just released our cover of “Love is a Battlefield” by PAT BENATAR, and we have gotten a lot of positive responses from that. I took us 3 months to get it down and record it, so please check that out. Also, we are working on a music video, which is slightly more serious than our other videos, and it will be for our new single we just finished. The title of the song is still undecided though. We are so thankful of all of our fans that have supported us, and we are ready for the next chapter.

For more updates on MADISON APART, visit their website




Hailing from Northern Virginia, the band CAUST blends punk, hardcore and screamo into their overall delivery. Having been formed since late 2011, the band have two EP’s under their belt, with the most recent being Mass Graves (We Would Be Better Off), which was uniquely released though It’s a Trap! Records on cassette tapes. In addition to the EP’s, they have also released a split with the band THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. Recently, they participated in a summer tour which had stops throughout the country and furthered their fan base and prospective listeners. I was given the opportunity to interview their guitarist Phil, their drummer Will, and their vocalist Chris on their off day in Rhode Island and was given an insight on the band, their meaning, and future plans.

How is tour? Where did you go?

Will: Tour has been cool we’ve been out for about a month now. We went from the west coast, and are making our way back home.

CAUST is a very interesting band name. What does it mean and what inspired you to make it the band’s name?

Phil: I made it up, and I thought it sounded cool. It essentially comes from a suffix of a Greek word meaning to light a fire.

Will: it’s more of a made up word.

What inspired you to create music? Who are your biggest influences?

Phil: We all came from different backgrounds from metal and screamo. Collectively we are inspired by 90’s scream, such as the band ORCHID, JOSHING UP FOR BATTLE, and NEIL PERRY.

Were you guys excited to play in Rhode Island?

Will: Yeah we were. It was a lot of fun. We were playing with RAINDANCE.

caust 2

What do you hope your music means to your fans as well as future listeners?

Will: It’s essentially about raw emotion, straight up. Sort of just an outlet for anger and sadness and feelings of that kind. Sort of being expressed through fast music.

You guys released your music through a cassette tape instead of the common CD, what inspired you to release it that way?

Will: Being younger we can kind of see it cassette is just an alternate to that (a CD). It’s a physical release; it’s more of a personal release than a burned CD.

On your website the quote “no god, no plan” is displayed below your name. What does that mean to you personally as well as to the band?

Chris: A couple of years ago, one of my close friends was killed in a car accident, and I knew her since the third grade. I thought, “How could there be a god?” I wasn’t religious or anything; I was agnostic. After that experience of her dying, I had a break down and had a big talk with her friend, and I denounced god and didn’t believe that there was one. [I didn’t believe] that a God could do that to someone on regular basis.


Are you guys working on new material, such as a full length?

Will: That’s what we’re doing currently. We’ve been writing two songs and that’s what we want to do right now. There might be as split later, but we are trying to do a full length soon.

What do you hope the future has in stock for CAUST?

Will: Definitely more touring and more vinyl.

Are there any bands or musicians from Virginia, or from surrounding areas, that you think people should check out?

Will: DIAL-UP and THIS IS NOT FOR YOU definitely. Also, THE USUAL form Maryland. THE PESSIMIST HANGS THE OPTIMIST, I’d say that’s a good group. Also TRUST FALL.

For more updates on CAUST, follow them on Facebook and Tumblr, listen to their music on Bandcamp, and check out their merchstore.

corbin dallas_chesbay360



Ever since Jeremy Harrell could pick up a guitar, he has always had a passion for music and expressing himself through passionate, heartfelt lyrics. Combining his soulful musical background of his youth with a little bit of country and a little bit of rock and roll, the members of CORBIN DALLAS have crafted something special that has caused fans to connect with their music on a very personal, intimate level. I was fortunate enough to talk to Harrell about his band’s humble beginnings, recording with Lucas Borza of HONOUR CREST, and their too be released debut record.

How did you originally get into playing country music?

Honestly, it just kinda fell together like that. I started off playing acoustic by myself and I eventually added in my band members over time. My drummer and bassist have played together over the years, and our guitarist played bass with me before, but we thought he would be a better guitarist for us. They are really great guys, and we wouldn’t be the same band without them.

What is the meaning behind the name CORBIN DALLAS?

I am a pretty big Bruce Willis fan, and in the movie The Fifth Element that is the name of his character. When I saw it, I thought that would be a great name for a band, and it just stuck.

What do you think sets your music apart from other country bands in the area?

Well as cliché as it sounds it’s a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. We never sought out to write strictly country music. I grew up listening to Motown and the blues. When I write, I am not trying to write about the birds and the bees. I just let it come out, the music takes on a life of its own.

What are some common themes of the songs you write?

Relationships, happiness, the good stuff, the bad stuff, heartbreak, and the road behind. Basically memories. I don’t really like to write the “partying stuff”. I prefer the “passionate stuff”. I just hope people can relate to the music and take it they want to take it.

Recently, you have been recording with Lucas Borza of HONOUR CREST. How did you go about selecting him to produce your music?

Lucas and our drummer have been long time friends, and we started recording with him when he was just starting out and looking for experience. We were basically his guinea pig band. We set up in our drummer’s living room like a bunch of nerds. Now he and his band are joining Rise Records, and we are really happy to have him be a part of what we are doing.

I saw on your band’s Facebook page that you reached 500 followers yesterday. How supportive have your fans been since you formed CORBIN DALLAS?

Pretty good. The number of fans we have has been growing rapidly and coming out of nowhere. I wish I could step outside of myself to hear what they are hearin’, but its growing really fast. We’ve been really lucky with it lately.

I also noticed you will be performing at this year’s Vets Fest. How important is it to you and your band to support our nation’s military veterans and active duty armed forces?

It’s very important to us. We approached the coordinator Faith Conlon about playing, and she was more than happy to add us to the lineup. We really wanted to be a part of it to pay our tribute to the veterans, and we are honored that we get the chance to play it.

corbin dallas3_chesbay360

What are some other bands from Virginia that inspire you that others should listen to?

HONOUR CREST first and foremost. They are out there doing what they do best and doing it very well. Also, REVERY from Virginia Beach. Our manager is in that band, and they are a great group of guys. People should also check out THE STEPGODS from Virginia Beach on Sacrifice Records. They are more experimental and “earthy”.

How soon do you expect your debut record to be released, and what can your fans expect from that album?

We have been talking back and forth to Sacrifice Records, and we are possibly going that way. If we do, the record, which may be named after our song “Let’s Ride”, will be out around January. We only have three more songs to record until we are finished all 10 that will be on the album.

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Ever since he was 14-years-old, Mahmoud Islam has had a wild passion for music, but the chorus of BENNY BENASSI released the creative beast that had been dwelling within. Under the moniker 9/STRIKES/TIGER, Islam has been producing hit mixes that even Benassi would be proud of. His most recent podcast Sunset Sessions has been getting excellent reviews across the web as he hones his unique “foreign” style builds anticipation for his upcoming debut EP. It will be unlike anything you have ever heard but not something you want to miss. I recently had the opportunity to chat with the man behind the music about his cultural background, his music influences, and what he has planned for his next release.

What does it mean to “unleash your inner tiger”?

To me it means to bring out the wild part of you. It means to let loose the raw energy that is inside of you.

I read on your Facebook page that you are originally from Ottawa, Canada. How does the music scene there compare to the music scene here in Virginia and DC?

I grew up on the border of Ontario and Quebec so the music I listened to when I lived there was very French influenced, but in Virginia and DC, there is a lot of variety and a great underground scene. I really admire THE FIRE and SHAROM from DC. They used to DJ together in a group called DEEP DISH, but not they work alone.

How did you get started producing and mixing music?

When I was 14-years-old, I heard “Satisfaction” by BENNY BENASSI and it really captured my attention. After that, I knew that I wanted to make my own original productions that will hype people up.

According to your website, you “took up the moniker 9/STRIKES/TIGER as it represented [the] cultural background of Bangladesh.” Can you please explain the meaning behind that?

In Bangladesh, the Bengal Tiger is the national animal, and it is a symbol of royalty. So I chose the name that was personal to me the represented my country and my foreign influences.


Where did you get the idea for Sunset Sessions, and what is your vision for this project?

My first podcast I recorded was called Massive Roar, and it was was more heavy electro like something you might hear at Ultra or Tomorrowland music festivals. For Sunset Sessions, I wanted to make something more laid back in the style of tech house that you could listen to at the pool or at a party. My vision for it is to incorporate more of the underground and foreign styles, such as tribal percussion that comes from Africa. I want to make music that you don’t hear every day, stuff that isn’t on top 40 radio.

I also saw that you recently purchased an electric guitar. How do you plan on incorporating that into your mixes?

My sister had it for a while, but I played guitar in high school so I’m hoping to get back into it and give my mixes a more live effect.

When you are not producing your own music, what are some other local artists you enjoy working with?

I have only been here for a year, and I have been focusing on honing my sound. I would like to work with other DJs down the road, but I have no desire to right now.

When can fans expect your debut EP to be released?

It should be out in about six months, and it will be a combination of electro and tech house as well as my foreign influences. It will be very high energy and groovy.


For more information on 9/STRIKES/TIGER, updates on the next episode of Sunset Sessions and more, visit his Facebook and Twitter. You can also download his mixes for free on his Soundcloud.

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