The District

March 1

Priests, Tenement, Vacation, and Post Pink @ The Pinch

March 3

Elel and Avers @ Black Cat

Save The Arcadian and Ewert and The Two Dragons @ DC9

March 9

Eula and Teen Mom @ Black Cat

March 18

Perspective A Lonely Hand To Hold, Trashlord, Beds, and The Obsessives @ The Dougout (house show)

March 21

The Screws, Gash, Teamster, Warwick, and Never Submit @ The Pinch

Melodime and Radio Birds @ Gypsy Sally’s

March 23

Hard Stripes, Preskool Dropouts, Protester, and Stand Off @ The Pinch

March 25

K Sean Long, Emily Hackett, and Laura Baron @ Tree House Lounge

April 4

Kill Lincoln, Boardroom Heroes, Walk The Plank, and Enemy Insects @ Black Cat

April 10

Damaged City Fest (Day 1) @ St. Stephen’s Church

April 10

Shark Week, The Mystery Lights, and Baby Bry Bry and The Apologists @ The Paperhaus (house show)

April 11

Damaged City Fest (Day 2) @ St. Stephen’s Church

April 12

Damaged City Fest (Day 3) @ St. Stephen’s Church

May 30

YDI, Sick Fix, Birth (Defects), and Maloso @ St. Stephen’s Church

July 31

In It Together Fest (Day 1) @ Ft. Loko (house show)

August 1

In It Together Fest (Day 2) @ The Dougout (house show), Union Arts DC, and Bardo Brewpub

August 2

In It Together Fest (Day 3) @ St. Stephen’s Church, Bathtub Republic, Ezra Mae’s, JamJar, The Beehive, Communiverse, and The Pinch

August 3

In It Together Fest (Day 4) @ The Paperhaus and Crack Rock Creek Church (house shows)

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