The Commonwealth

March 2

Pile, Brief Lives, Radiator King, and Plain Scrap @ Strange Matter

March 5

Swell Daze, K Sean Long, and Out on the Weekend @ Dave’s Taverna

March 7

Unti 731, Pushing On, Studs Up Tackle, and Die Faster @ Retro Cafe (Virginia Beach)

March 10

River City Extension, Air Traffic Controller, and Leader @ The Camel

March 13

Super Bob and Saint Diablo @ Canal Club

March 14

Sheer Mag, Lady God, Christi, No Love, and Latter-Day Saints @ Strange Matter

Major League, Audiostrobelight, Picture Perfect, This Is All Now, Giants at Large, Chasing Morgan, Underdog Champs, Blindfoot, and 3PM @ Empire

March 17

Carbon Leaf @ The Norva

Perfect Pussy, The Nervous Ticks, and Mens Room @ Strange Matter

March 18

Gossamer, Die Faster, and Furious George @ Strange Matter

March 19

Japanese Breakfast, Cory Chubb, Teen Mom, and Alex Heinz (spoken word) @ CD Cellar (Arlington)

March 26

Pianos Become Teeth and Comrades @ Strange Matter

March 27

United Blood Fest 2015 (day 1) @ Canal Club

March 28

United Blood Fest (day 2) @ Canal Club

DubCity Renegades and Akshan @ Tortoise and Hare Bar & Grill

April 2

Old Wounds, Cross Eyed, Left Cross, and Caust @ The Haunted Mansion (house show)

April 3

The Delta Saints, Save the Arcadian, and The Gypsy Sons @ Empire

April 4

The Delta Saints, The Vacant Stairs, and Big Mama Shakes @ The Camel

April 9

Diarrhea Planet, Left & Right, The Milkstains, and Lightfields @ The Broadberry

April 17

Pig Destroyer, Iron Reagan, Mutilation Rites, and Burn/Ward @ Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

April 18

Survay Says, Underdog Champs, Sunbox, Basement Club, President Sam, Big Mama Shakes, and Teejay Johnson @ Canal Club

April 20

Feed God Cabbage, FeelFree, and Squid Inc. @ Empire

April 29

Alien Ant Farm, Friends With Monsters, Such Great Heights, and Rowan @ Shaka’s

May 16

LAVA Music Festival @ Suffolk Executive Airport

July 17

Untitled Music Festival (day 1) @ The Cowgers

July 18

Untitled Music Festival (day 2) @ The Cowgers

July 19

Untitled Music Festival (day 3) @ The Cowgers

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