Music videos have been said to be a dying medium for musicians and bands.

If the death of music videos came about because MTV decided it would be more profitable to air original reality television shows instead of music videos, then young cinematographers are bringing them back.

A prime example of this select group is THE CLASSIC LP, whom his family and friends know as Josh Bart-Plange.

A self-described cinematographer and entrepreneur, THE CLASSIC LP began shooting music videos for his friend’s involved in the Northern Virginia hip-hop scene about two years ago. He says that his love of music made him want to get involved with the scene in any way he could.

“I’ve always been brought up around people who have done music, so I always wanted to get into music,” says Bart-Plange, “So first I tried to produce, but that didn’t really work out, so I decided to pick up a camera one time and that came to me naturally.”

The inspiration to become a cinematographer came about only a short time before THE CLASSIC LP brand was initiated. Bart-Plange says that artists who released a number of casual videos, not just music videos, encouraged him to visually document his friends who were trying to make a name for themselves in the hip-hop scene.

“When MAC MILLER and WIZ KHALIFA were getting big, I’d always watch their day-to-day video blogs – now they’re huge. I watched this interview once with this producer [named] Harris Martin, where he said WIZ [KHALIFA] gave him the best advice. He said, ‘If you’ve got a computer and talent, there’s no reason you can’t be famous because you’re putting everything out to the world.’” That idea left an impression on Bart-Plange, who says that belief inspired him to pick up a camera and start shooting.

While music videos have become a sort of burgeoning medium, with MTV no longer really showing music videos except for on MTV Hits, MTV Jams, and mtvU channels, unsigned bands and artists are finding low-budget, but talented videographers and cinematographers to make videos for them.

YouTube, with its user-friendly interface and channels, allows both musicians and cinematographers to compile their work and instantly makes their videos available for anyone. You can also find quality, high definition videos on, which many cinematographers are using as well for hosting and sharing their music videos.

THE CLASSIC LP has shot, directed, and edited videos for top Virginia hip-hop artists such as SHANE, CITY, and SHIFTSPINKZ. Bart-Plange says he’s known each one of them since middle school.

Bart-Plange has also been involved in shooting music videos for members of the Virginia based FA$TLIFE MILITIA, which is comprised of artists BUCKY MALONE, SKYYHIRY, SOLO, and a whole slew of other producers, engineers, and graphic artists.

In addition, SILENT TREATMENT, which is a production company that’s been a client of THE CLASSIC LP has had Bart-Plange filming their open mic/slam poetry nights, called Spirits & Lyrics at City Tavern Grille in Manassas. Every week, THE CLASSIC LP has posted a recap of each Tuesday night’s event and is currently involved in filming a short documentary film about the charity work that Silent Treatment is also involved in.

Another group that THE CLASSIC LP has recently started working with is Distinguished Gentlemen’s Marketing Group (DGMG), which does parties and events at various venues throughout the area. DGMG is also responsible for the Squared Circle Battle League, which is a rap battle competition that’s held at First Break Cafe in Sterling. A number of artists that Bart-Plange has also shot a few videos for are also involved with the group.

While hoping to make the most of THE CLASSIC LP moniker, Bart-Plange is also working to further develop his skill set. Recently, he started an internship with Cool Kids Forever Films, which is a Washington DC based production company that has had videos featured on MTV, VH1, and BET.

In addition to shooting music videos, THE CLASSIC LP also has worked with models, companies, businesses, and groups that have him doing other videographer and photographer work, but Bart-Plange admits that shooting music videos is his favorite thing to do. He takes pride in working with local artists and helping the greater music scene here in Virginia.

For more videos and updates from THE CLASSIC LP, subscribe to his YouTube channel.