Formed after the disbandment of I TIME BOMB, the pop punk triplet known as FRIENDS WITH MONSTERS have started a new chapter in their careers. Only about two years after their inception, they have begun working on their debut EP Handsome America and are hoping to release a follow-up record shortly after. The band creates music that contrasts their ambitious and happy personalities, instead creating an anguished and aggressive feel. Vocalist Brian Pursel and guitarist Cotie Brown spoke with us about their upcoming debut EP, what listeners can expect from the songs, as well as the band as a whole.

How did this band come about?

Cotie: When Brian and I’s old band, I TIME BOMB, broke up in December 2013, we got back together and decided to have a reunion show. We decided to write more songs under the new band, and then we put down I TIME BOMB. Then we started as FRIENDS WITH MONSTERS, and we’ve been a band about a year now.

What inspired the band name?

Cotie: People try to guess it, and some think it’s from Sons of Anarchy; It’s actually from an EMINEM song called “The Monster.”

On your Facebook it says that you guys are working on an EP titled Handsome America. What is the inspiration behind the EP?

Cotie: The EP is all songs from personal experiences. None of our songs are about love. They’re more about angst and situations that have emotions, but none of our songs are about love. We are happy people, but they’re more about situations and getting though them, and angst and aggressiveness. The name Handsome America was a joke, and it’s a hashtag on Instagram. I put on a picture somewhere [using the hashtag], and Chris thought it was funny and thought we should bring it back. It’s all in good fun and good humor.

What will be the next step after you guys release Handsome America?

Brian: We were thinking once we release this one, we are going to release Handsome World, or something along those lines. … We’re already writing new songs for another EP that we’re making, but we’ll probably have it out a few months after we release Handsome America.

Who are your main influences?

Cotie: Individually, we listen to a lot of different things. Personally, I listen to a lot of LANA DEL REY, as well as GREEN DAY, BLINK-182, NEW FOUND GLORY, SUM 41, THE WONDER YEARS, and SEAWAY.

Are there any local bands that you think people should check out?

Cotie: BOTTOM OF THE NINTH, SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS, CENTERFOLDS, LOW SCORE, and a band called FERAL CONSERVATIVES. The girl plays a mandolin, and they’re really interesting.

For more updates on FRIENDS WITH MONSTERS, be sure to “like” their Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram.

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