One of the most prominent genres of Virginia that does not receive as much mainstream publicity as it deserves is the local rap and hip hop artists, and our state capital is home to some of the best emcee’s in the state, including NICKELUS F, MS. PROPER, and YOUNG NEEZ. In the past week, each of these talented rappers released a new video.

Richmond native and hip hop heavyweight, NICKELUS F just released the visually striking music video for his song entitled “GotDamnMurdah!” On this track, Nick coasts on blunt smoke, women, and undoubtedly “eating pussy with my fronts in.” Contrary to what the title suggests, the song is in fact very laid-back. According to director Nils Westergard, “I didn’t want to make this your typical hip hop video. I mean I like all of that stuff, the smoking weed, the girls, and the partying but there’s not enough there. How can we make this surreal, to the point where you can consider it as something else? You can have the girls, and usually it’s like a sexual thing, but covering them with paint makes them sort of androgynous. ”GotDamnMurdah!” is taken from NICKELUS F’s newest mixtape, Vices, which was released on Monday. You can download it at

The new video from up-and-coming RVA rapper MS. PROPER is out, and it is fierce! “Get It Started” constitutes a preview for her soon-to-be-released album, Escaping Reality, and based on what we’re hearing here, the album’s gonna blow away the entire RVA hip hop scene when it drops. The video for “Get It Started,” which was directed by Rob Roby of Soul Live Media, doesn’t feature any complicated storylines or anything-it’s just MS. PROPER and her So Proper Entertainment crew hanging out backstage at Kingdom, one of Richmond’s most popular music venues. This new video is a hell of a way to kick off the new year in RVA hip hop, and with Ms. Proper setting the pace, other RVA rappers are gonna have to hustle twice as hard to keep up.

Shot by Aura HD and Imagery, “Straight Facts” is a good follow-up from YOUNG NEEZ’s previous video, “In My Own Time Zone,” which also got some play on “Straight Facts” features a verse from YOUNG NEEZ’s comrade FRESH, and a lot of other local emcees make cameo appearances in this video as well-LIKE A ROCK, MEMPH 10, YOUNGSTA, and many more. This is a heavy track with explicit lyrics, so it might not be for everybody, but Young Neez has too much talent for us to ignore.

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