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Music videos have been said to be a dying medium for musicians and bands.

If the death of music videos came about because MTV decided it would be more profitable to air original reality television shows instead of music videos, then young cinematographers are bringing them back.

A prime example of this select group is THE CLASSIC LP, whom his family and friends know as Josh Bart-Plange.

A self-described cinematographer and entrepreneur, THE CLASSIC LP began shooting music videos for his friend’s involved in the Northern Virginia hip-hop scene about two years ago. He says that his love of music made him want to get involved with the scene in any way he could.

“I’ve always been brought up around people who have done music, so I always wanted to get into music,” says Bart-Plange, “So first I tried to produce, but that didn’t really work out, so I decided to pick up a camera one time and that came to me naturally.”

The inspiration to become a cinematographer came about only a short time before THE CLASSIC LP brand was initiated. Bart-Plange says that artists who released a number of casual videos, not just music videos, encouraged him to visually document his friends who were trying to make a name for themselves in the hip-hop scene.

“When MAC MILLER and WIZ KHALIFA were getting big, I’d always watch their day-to-day video blogs – now they’re huge. I watched this interview once with this producer [named] Harris Martin, where he said WIZ [KHALIFA] gave him the best advice. He said, ‘If you’ve got a computer and talent, there’s no reason you can’t be famous because you’re putting everything out to the world.’” That idea left an impression on Bart-Plange, who says that belief inspired him to pick up a camera and start shooting.

While music videos have become a sort of burgeoning medium, with MTV no longer really showing music videos except for on MTV Hits, MTV Jams, and mtvU channels, unsigned bands and artists are finding low-budget, but talented videographers and cinematographers to make videos for them.

YouTube, with its user-friendly interface and channels, allows both musicians and cinematographers to compile their work and instantly makes their videos available for anyone. You can also find quality, high definition videos on, which many cinematographers are using as well for hosting and sharing their music videos.

THE CLASSIC LP has shot, directed, and edited videos for top Virginia hip-hop artists such as SHANE, CITY, and SHIFTSPINKZ. Bart-Plange says he’s known each one of them since middle school.

Bart-Plange has also been involved in shooting music videos for members of the Virginia based FA$TLIFE MILITIA, which is comprised of artists BUCKY MALONE, SKYYHIRY, SOLO, and a whole slew of other producers, engineers, and graphic artists.

In addition, SILENT TREATMENT, which is a production company that’s been a client of THE CLASSIC LP has had Bart-Plange filming their open mic/slam poetry nights, called Spirits & Lyrics at City Tavern Grille in Manassas. Every week, THE CLASSIC LP has posted a recap of each Tuesday night’s event and is currently involved in filming a short documentary film about the charity work that Silent Treatment is also involved in.

Another group that THE CLASSIC LP has recently started working with is Distinguished Gentlemen’s Marketing Group (DGMG), which does parties and events at various venues throughout the area. DGMG is also responsible for the Squared Circle Battle League, which is a rap battle competition that’s held at First Break Cafe in Sterling. A number of artists that Bart-Plange has also shot a few videos for are also involved with the group.

While hoping to make the most of THE CLASSIC LP moniker, Bart-Plange is also working to further develop his skill set. Recently, he started an internship with Cool Kids Forever Films, which is a Washington DC based production company that has had videos featured on MTV, VH1, and BET.

In addition to shooting music videos, THE CLASSIC LP also has worked with models, companies, businesses, and groups that have him doing other videographer and photographer work, but Bart-Plange admits that shooting music videos is his favorite thing to do. He takes pride in working with local artists and helping the greater music scene here in Virginia.

For more videos and updates from THE CLASSIC LP, subscribe to his YouTube channel.

On August 30th, hardcore bands from all over Virginia will be converging in Newport News for a show of monumental proportions. The show will be hosted at Meko’s Skate Shop, which also features a huge indoor skate park. Formerly known as Antigravity Skate Park, this location is the perfect spot for a show of this magnitude. Booked by VB Shows, which is one of the most prominent booking agencies for hardcore shows in the Hampton Roads area, this show features bands from Virginia Beach (Paper Trail, Strangle Hold, and Cutback), Norfolk (No Substance), Northern Virginia (Reality Check), and Richmond (Down To Nothing). This show is all ages, so please some out and show your support for this scene.


Local favorites AUDIOSTROBELIGHT have been getting a great deal of press surrounding the release of their newest single “California Gold Rush,” which has quickly become a fan favorite across the nation. The track is featured on their upcoming EP What You Are Running From, which was produced by Will Pugh of CARTEL and mixed by Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Jimmy Eat World, Mayday Parade, Set It Off).

The guys in AUDIOSTROBELIGHT are doing things big. Incorporating a violin, keyboards, and the occasional mandolin, their pop-rock attack is certainly full and also irrefutably infatuating. But do not think for one second that the Virginia Beach quintet is anything but dead serious about this whole music thing. They just like to balance business with pleasure.

On December 23, 2011, the band filmed the music video for their new single with Virginia Beach local and director extraordinaire Scott Hansen, who has shot music videos for some of the biggest names in music. Since his graduation from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006, he and his team have produced and directed over 300 music videos for clients worldwide, including the artists WILLIE NELSON and A DAY TO REMEMBER. Scott has also worked with companies such as Mountain Dew, Warner Bros, Doritos, Citi Trends, Discovery Channel and many more.

Today the band released the first official teaser for their new music video, which involves two lovers torn apart, zombies, and destruction. Filmed both in Virginia Beach and Hollywood, the video looks like it will definitely be worth watching.

For more information on when the full video will be released, stay tuned to for more updates.

In case you were not at Empire last night in Springfield, VA, here is a recap of the epic night, which featured IN ALCATRAZ 1962, LIFE AFTER DEATH, PAPER TRAIL, PUNCH OUT, DEAD & DREAMING, MENACE, COLD REIGN, DELUSIONS, and a special reunion from CASSIUS and ABACABB.


For more photos from the show, go to

The turnout for the show was incredible. There were people in all sides of the room and some of the hardest moshing I have ever witnessed. People came from all over Virginia, including Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg, and Richmond. There were even people from Canada as well as other states, including New York, Ohio, California, and more. Everyone came from far and wide for this event, and it made it that much more special.

It was really a great testament of how strong the Virginia music scene could be if we all come together in love and support for the music and each other. Izzy would definitely be proud. At the time this interview was published, we know that that final amount raised for Izzy’s family is over $8,000, but the final amount is still being determined. We will tweet this info as soon as it is released.

Photo by Jake Mayday

In addition to their colleagues and fellow punkers BOXER, Richmond natives THIS IS YOUR LIFE has joined Revielle Records for the release of their latest record Before We Fade Away on 12 inch vinyl. The record was originally released digitally on September 4, 2012, and it is still available for free on their Bandcamp page.

The pressing will be limited to 500 copies and feature three different color variants. Both the band and label will have exclusive colorways limited out of 100. Pre-orders for the vinyl will go live on December 14 on Reveille Records’ webstore.

This is Your Life has been making waves in the hardcore scene since they first cut their teeth on their Self-titled 7” in 2010. Their aptly named follow up, The Tour EP further cemented their status as an up-and-coming act to keep an eye on. When Before We Fade Away was released later that same year, they quickly became buzzworthly among critics, receiving a five star rating from and announcing it as, “one of the most impressive debuts of the year”.

A North East Tour is in the works for January. Check out the dates below:

January 22 - Philadelphia, PA

January 23 - New York City, NY

January 24 - Hartford, CT

January 25 - Milford, CT

January 26 - Albany, NY

January 27 - New Brunswick, NJ

January 28 - Delaware

January 29 - Baltimore

January 30 - Richmond, VA


After a 2 year hiatus, THREE MILE CRISIS have returned with their latest EP Voyages and ambitions higher than they have ever been to take over the scene and make a name for metal once again. Consisting of vocalist Nathan Marchiano, guitarists John Bowman and Michael Miley, bassist Conner Chapman, and drummer Jeremy Bowles, this 7 song EP chronicles their voyage together. I had the chance to talk to Miley and Bowman about what brought them to this point and some of the meanings behind the record.

You guys just released your new EP Voyages. How does it feel to be done with it?

Miley: It is so amazing to be done with the record, and we are extremely happy with the finished product. We have been working on it for a year, writing, recording, and mastering it, so it is a big stress relief to be done. We feel very fortunate and successful.

Bowman: This is really our first record for us because the last thing we put out pretty much sucked, but we are definitely proud of this record.

I read on your Facebook page that you guys recorded with Chris Hummel at Kolossal Studios, which has worked with pop punk bands such as BATTLEGHOST and I TIME BOMB. How was the recording experience for you guys as a metal band?

Miley: It was a very productive experience. Chris has been a good friend of our for years, and he has always been a big supporter of the band, so when we went into the studio with him, we were all on the same level. Chris was really great at giving us lots of input on tweaks we could make if he thought a part sounded wack, or to play certain chord progressions a little longer. He definitely helped enhance what we had prepared, and we are really are grateful for his suggestions.

This is your first big move together as a band in over 2 years. Why were you on hiatus for so long, and what brought you all back together?

Bowman: College mostly. I was going to Radford, and that made it hard to keep things going.

Miley: Yeah for a while we were more of just a jam band, and we all also had our own side projects we were working on, but we randomly got together and recorded a rough track of “Dead and Done”. Our friends really digged it so we decided to write another EP and actually try this time to make it great.

What tracks on Voyages have the most meaning for you?

Bowman: For me, I really like “Take You With Me”. I wrote most of the lyrics along with our vocalist Nathan, and it’s pretty much about past relationships and how two people can make a vow to each other to forget things that happened in the past and look forward to the future.

Miley: I love that one too, but the one that stands out the most to me was “Epirus,” which is our interlude track. I wrote 90 percent of that song over a year, but when I brought it to the group; everyone got involved and made it into a whole new being. It was a very emotional experience for me, and it ends with a chant that Dorian Cooke from BATTLEGHOST helped us out with.

What are some of the main themes of the new record?

Bowman: To me it’s really about us coming back to the music scene and being proud of what we have accomplished. It also explains how we want to be remembered.

Miley: Ultimately, it’s about our voyage as a band throughout the years. We started playing together in tenth grade when we were about 16 years old, and we wanted to show how much we have grown since then. It is also a lot about rebuilding and fighting to get to the top.

Who are some of your favorite bands from Virginia?

Bowman: Well since we haven’t been in the scene for a long time, we really appreciate bands that were around when we started.

Miley: I completely agree. I am more into bands like LETTERBOX TRAGEDY and THIS TIME IT’S WAR. They’re my boys. As far as current bands, I really like what MY ENEMIES & I have been doing. Also, I’m not a big pop punk fan, but I do like BATTLEGHOST. In my opinion, they are one of the best pop punk bands out there right now. Also, I like VICES. They hit me up the other day actually.

Do you have any big shows coming up?

Miley: We want to have a CD release show in a month or so. It will definitely be in Richmond, but a venue has not been booked yet. We would love to do it at Canal Club or Kingdom, which is really the home venue. Kingdom is where we started back when it was Alley Katz, and even though a lot has changed, the same spirit is still there.

What do you hope fans will gain from listening to Voyages?

Bowman: We all really hope it will help give people a newfound respect for metal and bring us new fans. We all dream of being professional musicians and we hope that the record will give us more opportunities to travel abroad and see new places.

Miley: I hope we can help bring the metal scene back into its prime. Like back when THIS TIME IT’S WAR was just blowing up and trendy music like pop punk and dubstep weren’t that well known.

Bowman: Exactly! We just want to give people hope that metal is still a presence. I want to bring it back and help other metal bands succeed.

For updates on THREE MILE CRISIS, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Their album is currently available for sale on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

On November 1, the Northern Virginia music scene lost one of its most influential members. Izzy was not only a great friend but an amazing person. He helped build Empire from day one and took so much pride in the venue. All over our commonwealth, support has been pouring in from fans, friends, and bands of the hardcore, metal, and pop punk scene.

“We lost a good friend of ours early this morning and it got us thinking. Life is way too short to spend it not doing what you love. RIP Izzy, you’ll be deeply missed and always remembered.” - COWABUNGA!

“Izzy, you were pretty much the 6th member of this band. You’ve supported everything we’ve done and you’ve kept us going strong throughout all the years…You’ve always got a row in our van ol’ boy.” -IN ALCATRAZ 1962

“Known you for over a decade. Took you on your first tour and many there after. Knew you before the name “Izzy” even existed. Knew you from middle school, to bands, to work, to shows, and everything in between. Best dude. You will be missed. Rest in peace.” Tyler Greene, General Manager of Empire

In his memorial, Empire will be doing a benefit show November 16 to raise money to support Izzy’s family in this hard time. Please attend whether you knew him or not, and support the bands he loved.

In addition, memorial shirts will be sold at the show. Make sure you get one and support your scene, just like Izzy did. All proceeds will go towards his family.


If you are interested in writing about musicians and bands in Virginia, if you take photos or record music videos, please join our ranks by contacting [email protected] today!

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