Hailing from the Swamps of Southampton County, SALTINE is comprised of Warren Holland (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Eric Kitchen (Bass), Kenneth Daugherty (Rhythm Guitar), and Huck Myers (Drums). Coming off the release on their rookie Self Titled EP, SALTINE have rapidly become a dominate force in the local metal scene. We had the chance to interview Meyers about how the band got started and the musical direction they are heading toward.

You mention on your online profiles that SALTINE is interested in being as heavy as possible. What do you think is the driving force behind you as a band to put on a heavy show?

Honestly, as a musician, you’re always going to be a fan first. That’s where it all started. That’s what drives us. That’s the motivation. We’re fans of music, and [we are] big fans of the heavier stuff. Listening to BLACK SABBATH, PANTERA, and METALLICA growing up is what drives us to do what we do. The first time I heard “Iron Man”, I was sold. I always wanted to do that to some other kid. It’s that simple. To motivate. The best way to do it, is whatever way you want to do it. For us, its aggression. We’ve still got a smooth style, but we were fans of the heavy stuff, and we want to motivate that in others.

In the past two years, SALTINE has really found its footing, and has begun to gather a pretty strong following. Where do you see yourself headed in 2014 that fans can look forward to?

We’ve luckily had a lot of support from our peers. We’ve yet to book our own show; so far, every show we’ve been asked to play, and we’ve just jumped aboard with other local bands. It’s been a blessing and has shown us a lot of support. You don’t see that too often from bands in this area. In 2014, we’re talking a new CD, with some new material we’ve already been working on. We just want to put our music in the hands of us many people as possible. Hopefully in the New Year we can be doing the one thing we all want to do, and that’s make music for a living.

Where did the name SALTINE come from?

We’ve been asked that a lot; SALTINE has a lot of meanings. Mainly, it’s just a household name. Who hasn’t heard of SALTINE? And who doesn’t love it? I love it! It was a collective idea amongst us all. It looks good, it’s awesome. In the end, nothing is not too cool to use as a band name.

What is your favorite song to perform live, and why?

Personally, it’s “Aleopath”. There’s a part of the song where the tempo has this drastic change; it’s something like you’ve never heard before, and the changes are challenging. I love playing it live because it challenges me. I have to hold things together, and I do it well. Hell, I impress myself every time I play it live; it feels good to pull it off during a show. I’ve busted my ass over that song. Collectively, out of all of our songs, we always have to have “Brown 45” on the set list. That’s one that’ll never be too old for us to play. It’s a great, groovy song. Meaningful, both lyrically and musically.


At the end of September you posted on Facebook about writing some new music that was completely different from your earlier sound. What are some of the changes that you made, and why did you make them?

The music is still going to be the same; it’s still going to be SALTINE. People will hear it, and they will know it is us. We’ve just adapted a level of maturity. Things morph, bend, and twist as you grow as a band. We’re still rooted where we were; it’s still a beautiful and aggressive sound. Adding Kenneth to the band, his own style definitely added a bit more to our sound and our writing. The sound comes together more. It’ll be us no doubt, just more of a beast than we were before. On the 15th, we’ll be headlining a show at The Norva, and playing a lot of new material, for those who are interested in checking it out.

Where do you see the metal scene heading in Virginia?

I’ve seen the scene go up and down since 90s; we’ve all been involved in it. It’s random, this scene. These last four years have seen a nice pick up in the quality and originality, though. Richmond is a great area for it, although we’re seeing a pick-up in our local area as well. All around, there is a lot of talent, and it needs to be heard.

Are there any other bands in Virginia you think others should check out?

It’s all good, but there are definitely a few bands that are breaking ground, and sounding like you’ve never heard before. RECKONER; can’t get their CD out of my CD player. I am anxiously waiting to play with them. PILLBUSTER and SYNESTHESIA is another great couple to check out. As long as bands work together in the area, the scene can only get better. Everyone is in the same battle, fighting the same fight, with the same goal. Without all the support, we’d all be left for dead. We’re all working together, and we’re just going to do our part to put it on the map.

Do you have any final comments?

Come out to our show on the 15th, watch us live. Like us on Facebook, and download our demo CD for free and bootleg the hell out of it, please! For everyone one copy you download, make ten, we’ll love you for it. We just want our music in as many hands as possible.

For more updates on SALTINE, follow them on their Reverbnation page.