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Despite being born and raised in Nebraska, singer/songwriter Logan Vath didn’t find his voice until he found comfort in the city of Norfolk. With influences ranging from his struggle to find a musical identity to feelings of displacement, Vath and his band THE VACANT have been quickly making a name for themselves. With friends, such as THE LAST BISON and OVER THE OCEAN, Vath has been steadily making more strides and warming more spirits with his heartfelt lyrics and tender guitar strokes. Vath gave me the opportunity to speak with him about his humble beginnings and how he is coming to terms with his music and his new home in Virginia.

I know that you are originally from Nebraska, but what brought you to Virginia?

I joined the Navy to get out of Nebraska, and I ended up getting stationed in Norfolk. When I got out, I stuck around here.

Do you consider Virginia your home or do you still have more roots in Nebraska?

I have always been a firm believer in the fact that home is where your things are, so for now Norfolk is my home. I still have family and relatives in Nebraska, but I like living in Norfolk. It’s comfortable, and I have gotten used to it.

I read on your bio that the way you met some of the members of your band started with an ad you came across on Craigslist. What is the story behind that?

I met Josh from OVER THE OCEAN because he was trying to sell some recording gear that I was interested in buying so that I could record some rough songs I had at the time. After meeting me and hearing some of my music, he introduced me to some people from the singer/songwriter community in Norfolk, and three of those guys are in my band now.

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How would you describe your musical identity?

I think that it’s still changing. This last record I did, I released the record alone, but I am really looking forward to playing a recording with my band and starting the next chapter. We are playing with THE LAST BISON at the Norva on November 30th and the next record we release will be as a full band. So to answer your question, I think I am still figuring it out.

What is the meaning behind your album title Better Man or Ghost?

I really wasn’t committed to staying in Virginia until six months ago. I didn’t really feel at home here until I was introduced to the singer/songwriter community that I now call my friends. When I left Nebraska to join the Navy, I did it in hopes of becoming a better man, but at the same time I became a ghost to those who can’t see me as often anymore. I still keep in contact with my family and friends back in Nebraska through social media, but the songs on this record are very old and I think they represent that transitional period in my life.

What song off that record has the most personal meaning to you, and why?

The closing song, “This Far From Home”, which is also the newest song on that record. I wrote and recorded it live in the studio, and it was really representative of what I was thinking at the time. It’s basically about dreaming big and not being afraid to chase your dreams. It was about me finding out what I wanted and going after it.

Are there any bands or solo artists from Virginia that inspire you that other people need to hear?

Definitely! Our guitarist Andrew Montgomery plays in a band called ESBERN SNARE. They are a great band and such good friends. Their vocalist Luke Jones is such a talented lyricist, and I am really looking forward to their new record to be released in the next few months. Also, OVER THE OCEAN is a really great band. There are so many. Norfolk has the best songwriters I know, whether they are famous or not.

For more updates on Logan Vath, follow him on Twitter, “like” his Facebook page, and listen to Better Man or Ghost on his Bandcamp.

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